[Updated: Lenovo’s VP Says ZUK Is Buried] Lenovo’s ZUK is Back, New Flagship Will Launch in June

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 Update: Lenovo’s VP, Chang Cheng, says the ZUK brand is buried and it will not be resurrected. He refuted the statement in a reply to a fan on Weibo. Lenovo’s mobile brands will remain Lenovo and Motorola. The full-screen flagship phone will launch under the Lenovo brand. 


ZUK is back! yes, you read that right. Lenovo’s ZUK is back. After shutting down for a year, the sub-brand has resurrected.

The news comes from a post via the official ZUK Weibo account. The post which when translated reads “Return, June, Do #New national Flagship” is actually a response to the post on the upcoming bezel-less Lenovo phone that surfaced online yesterday.

ZUK returns

What this means is that, not only is ZUK back but that mysterious Lenovo device is actually their upcoming phone and it will launch in June, on the 14th to be precise.

While this is definitely good news, it will be interesting to know what prompted Lenovo to bring back the brand. We’d also like to know what future plans are and we are sure fans of the brand would like to know too.

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