Check Out GearBest Epic Markdown Zone Clearance Sale; Get $20 Off Over $100 And Lots More!

by Vinay Patel 0

GearBest is offering a broad range of electronics and other items at a heavily discounted price as part of its latest clearance sale. Dubbed as the ‘Epic Markdown Zone,’ the promotion sale has been divided into multiple categories in a bid to simplify the search process.

$20 Off Over $100

This category comprises multiple products including a smartphone, smartphone accessory, a vacuum cleaner, and an air purifier to name a few. More importantly, the items featured in this section carry considerable discounts that you can avail for a limited period of time.

For instance, you can buy the ALLDOCUBE Thinker Notebook by shelling out only $674.26 on GearBest. While the laptop would normally set you back $732.30, the site is giving an 8% off on its original asking price.Aside from that, you can save an additional $20 simply by using coupon code ‘GB100-$20off’ at the time of checking out. This brings your grand total down to just $654.26. The aforesaid discount code will be valid for those who make a purchase of more than $100.

$15 Off Over $50

GearBest is doling out discounts on select items featured in this category. On top of that, the site is also giving buyers a chance to save an additional $15 in the form of a discount coupon. But, the extra discount is valid only for buyers whose grand total exceeds $50.

For example, you can get 35% off on the CHUWI A 100 QC 3.0 power dock, which normally sells for $16.06 on GearBest. Thanks to the aforesaid discount, the CHUWI-branded base dock charger is currently up for grabs for only $10.40 on the site.

You can use coupon code ‘GB50-$15off’ in order to save an additional $15 at the time of checking out provided your grand total exceeds $50. For the sake of an example, if you buy 5 pieces of the CHUWI A 100 QC 3.0 power dock you’d ideally spend $52, but you can reduce your grand total to just $40.17 by applying the aforesaid discount coupon.

$10 Off Over $50

This section is crammed with all sorts of items that you can buy without emptying your pocket. Moreover, GearBest is allowing buyers to save an extra $10 if their grand total is more than $50 while checking out.

You can buy the black color version of the MGCOOL Explorer Pro sports camera at a slashed price of just $48.04. This is an 8% reduction in the device’s original selling price of $52.16.
But if you’re interested in taking advantage of the extra $10 discount coupon ‘GB50-$10off’ before it expires, you have to ensure your grand total is more than $50 by purchasing another product bearing about a $10 price tag.

Likewise, GearBest is handing out $10 discount coupons for those spending more than $100, and a $5 discount coupon to buyers who spend more than $50 in the remaining two categories. You can check out the rest of the products and grab the deal before it wraps up by heading straight to this link.

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