The Smartisan R1’s Camera Lens Scratches Easily, But It Will Be Replaced For Free

by Habeeb Onawole 0

The Smartisan R1 was released last week but there already seems to be an issue with the device. Quite a number of early adopters have complained that the lenses of the rear sensors scratch easily.

Owners have shared pictures online (on Weibo and the official Smartisan forum) that show the scratched lenses. For a phone that is still less than a week old, it is pretty disappointing.

Smartisan R1 scratched lens Smartisan R1 scratched lens

According to Smartisan’s explanation, the sensors are not covered with sapphire glass but Gorilla Glass 3 with an optical coating on top. However, it is the optical coating that is scratched and not the glass itself.

The defect is limited to the Smartisan R1 as some users said the 6-month old Smartisan Nut Pro 2 doesn’t suffer from the same problem.

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Smartisan has offered to fix the affected devices for free but owners will have to send their phones to the company’s headquarters in Beijing.