Xiaomi Launches The Mi Bunny Children Scooter Priced At 249 yuan (~$39)

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Xiaomi has announced a new toy for the kids and it is a scooter. The Mi Bunny Children Scooter, as it is called, is a mechanical scooter with lots of features and safety nets which make it a cool gadget for the kids. It looks very much like the Beiwa Beva Children scooter which was announced last year. But this is an upgraded model and it is directly a Xiaomi product.Mi Bunny Children scooter

The Mi Bunny Children Scooter is capable of bearing a load of 50kg and has a dimension of 597mm x 294mm x 780mm. It is 597mm long, the front wheels are 294mm apart while the handlebar is 780mm away from the floor. It weighs just 3.1kg. Further, the scooter is equipped with 129 TPR skid-proof points on the floor area which allows the kid to pedal the scooter comfortably.Xiaomi Mi Bunny Children scooter

In addition, the Xiaomi Mi Bunny Children Scooter comes with a wide and thick PU rubber wheel, with a front wheel thickness of 32mm and a rear wheel thickness of 52mm. The scooter is equipped with two wheels at the front and a single wheel at the back, thus ensuring the child skids comfortably. The wheels is equipped with built-in lamp which is powered by induction technology. As the child skids on the scooter, electricity is generated to power the lights and the effect will be an attractive beautification that kids would love. At the same time, the Mi Bunny Children Scooter uses a wide brake cover to make the brake operation easier. The brake is equipped with a sturdy and wear-resistant stainless steel brake pad, which is not easily deformed. Even after it is used for a long time, the braking effect is still pretty impressive.  With a solid triangular structure, one-touch handlebars can be removed, and equipped with a special silicone strap.Xiaomi Mi Bunny Children scooter

In order to adapt the scooter to children of different age grades, the Mi Bunny scooter uses a design that allows the handlebar to be extended upwards or distended, depending on the one that is suitable for the child. The handlebar adopts a C-shaped curve design which is more in line with the human hand-holding angle, making the child’s operation more comfortable and more smoothly. The upper part of the entire handle is completely covered with soft glue, avoiding the metal bumps that may be caused by the exposure of the child, and the safety is further improved. Also because of the full package design of the handle, cleaning corners are avoided, making the handle easier to clean. The handle is also designed to aid the child in navigating the scooter easily.Mi Bunny Children scooter

The front wheels can be adjusted in order to provide better balance for the child. For children who are yet to master how to balance the scooter, the wheels can be adjusted to become slanted, giving it more balance and this also reduces the taxi speed. For children with better balance ability, the straight wheel angulation offers faster taxi speed.Mi Bunny Children scooter

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The Mi Bunny Children scooter comes with a price tag of 249 Yuan ($39) and will be officially available on June 8. The gadget is already on reservation via Mi Home in China. Check that out from the source link below.