Get Up To 60% Off On Smartphones, TV Box And Laptops On GeekBuying

by Vinay Patel 0

As part of it’s recently kicked off promotion, GeekBuying is offering up to 60% off on a broad range of smartphone, TV box, and laptops. The site is also doling out multiple promo codes that buyers can use to bring their grand total down at the time of checking out.

The Beelink S2 MINI PC would normally set you back $338.92 on GeekBuying, but the site is offering the device at a lowered price of just $289.99 for a limited period of 5 days. This is a 14% reduction in the device’s original asking price.
On top of that, you can apply coupon code ‘VORKEPC16’ to save an additional $13. As a result, you end up spending just 286.99 on the S2 MINI PC. You can choose between 8GB RAM/128GB ROM and 4GB RAM/64GB ROM option.

Likewise, GeekBuying is offering promo codes for One Netbook One Mix Yoga Pocket Laptop as well as VORKE V2 Pro Mini PC as well. Note that the discount coupons are slated to expire on June 22nd.

Anniversary Exclusives

This category features numerous electronic items including smartphones, TV boxes, and laptops just to name a few. Much to the delight of cost-consumers, GeekBuying is giving significant discounts on select items displayed in this section.

For the sake of an example, you can buy the Jumper EZbook 3L Pro laptop for a lowered price of just $249.99. It’s worth noting that the device usually sells for $350.38 on GeekBuying.

The Chinese online shopping store is handing out a noteworthy 29% off on the EZbook 3L Pro’s original asking price. The discount will be valid for the silver color version of the device for 5 days.


Smartphones lovers that have restlessly been waiting to get their hands on a high-end phone without emptying their pocket are in for a treat. This category is crammed with a slew of well-received handsets that you can buy at a slashed price.

You can go for the HUAWEI Honor 9 smartphone if you’re willing to shell out just $329.99. It’s worth noting that the phone usually comes bearing a steep price tag of $419.99.

This 21% discount is valid for the black color version with 4GB RAM/64GB ROM. GeekBuying is offering a discount on various other versions as well.

TV Boxes

This section of the promo has further been divided into 4 sub-categories including Top 12, Gemini Lake & Kaby Lake, Android TV & DVB, and $4.99 – $39.99. Each sub-category features TV boxes that carry heavy discounts.

For example, the 2GB RAM/16GB ROM version of the Android 7.1.2 OS based X96 MINI TV box can now be yours if you’re willing to spend just $32.99. The device usually sells for $69.99 on GeekBuying but the site is giving consumers an opportunity to take advantage of a 53% discount.

Alternatively, you can go for the MECOOL M8S PRO Plus TV box, which is up for grabs for a reduced price of just $39.99 for 5 days. This is a 53% reduction in the device’s original asking price of $84.38.

Tablets & Laptops

If you’re looking for a tablet or laptop that boasts an array of awe-inspiring specs and features but doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, you’ve come to the right place. This category has been divided into different sections including Tablets, Laptops, Gaming, and 2-in-1 in a bid to simplify the search process.

You can buy the 4G version of the Lenovo TAB3 8 Plus P8 tablet for just $159.99. GeekBuying is offering a noteworthy 52% off on the tablet’s retail price. Note that the device’s original asking price is $335.99.

There’s a 39% off on the retail price of the Teclast F7 Business laptop as well. Thanks to the aforesaid discount, you can now buy the coveted laptop for just $245.99. This is a massive reduction in the device’s original selling price of $405.99.

If you’re interested in checking out rest of the products and taking advantage of the promo before it ends, simply follow this link.