AnTuTu’s Best Cost-Effective Smartphones For May Has Meizu Pro 7 On Top Under 2000 Yuan Segment

by Jed John 0

Benchmarking outfit AnTuTu has released a comprehensive list of the top-selling cost-effective models in various price categories in the month of May. The list contains several models, including the Redmi Note 5 and a few surprises like the Meizu Pro 7. The ranking of the best value for price ratio is calculated using the phone’s AnTuTu average score which is a factor of the chipset divided by the current price on the brand’s official flagship stores on Jingdong (

The lists are for the most cost-effective models during the period ranging from May 1 to May 31 in four different price categories such as 0-999 yuan, 1000 yuan – 1999 yuan, 2000 yuan – 2999 yuan and over 3000 yuan category. Xiaomi is known for its pocket-friendly phones so, it isn’t much of a surprise that the Redmi Note 5 (3GB+32GB) tops the 0-999 yuan price category offering users a new Snapdragon 636 chip and 3GB RAM for less than 1000 yuan ($152). This is followed by the Redmi 5 (2GB+16GB). Other models include the Meizu M5s (3GB+32GB), 360 N6 Lite, Meizu X, Redmi 5 Plus, Honor 9 Lite and even the Redmi 5A (2GB+16GB). 

The 1000-1999 yuan price category sees the Meizu Pro 7 make a surprise appearance onboard the list. The 4GB+128GB version of the Pro 7 sits atop the price category as the best cost-effective model in May. This may be unconnected to the present selling price which is just around $300 for a phone with such a massive storage. The Meizu Pro 7 Plus (6GB+64GB) version is also priced in this category and is one of the cost-effective phones last month in China. The list also includes the Meizu Pro 6 Plus from 2016 and most spectacularly, the newly released Nokia X6. Other top-selling models in this price category include the Nubia Z17 mini, Xiaomi Redmi 6X, Mi Note 3, Mi Max 3, Nokia 7 Plus, Sharp AQUOS S2, OPPO A3.

2000 to 2999 yuan

In the 2000 – 2999 yuan price range, there are a total of 11 models on the list. Among them is the Honor V10 (4GB+64GB which is priced at 2299 yuan ($351) as well as the  Nubia Z17 (6GB+64GB) with the same 2299 yuan ($351), both having 90 points. The list also has the Snapdragon 845-powered Black Shark gaming phone (6GB+64GB) which is priced at 2999 yuan ($458).  

More than 3,000 yuan

Finally, the phones priced above 3000 yuan have five models considered to be cost-effective. The OnePlus 6 (6GB+64GB) version occupies the first spot in this category means it is the best cost-effective flagship model selling above 3000 yuan ($458) presently. Others include the Mi Mix 2s (6GB+64GB), Smartisan R1 (6GB+64GB), Huawei Mate 10 (4GB+64GB) and Sony Xperia XZ1 (4GB+64GB).

The good thing is some of these models are available to buy outside China like the OnePlus 6, Mezu Pro 7/7 Plus, the Redmi Note 5 and other Xiaomi models. In some cases, the prices on offer still give good value for money like the Redmi Note 5 which sells for around $189.99 on third-party retail websites. The OnePlus 6 has already launched globally and is selling amazingly well as a result of its cost-effective pricing when compared to the solid build and well-loaded specs lineup.