One Of LG’s Upcoming Smartwatches May Launch As The LG Watch Libre

by Habeeb Onawole 0

There have been reports of LG working on two new Wear OS smartwatches. Both watches were seen on the website of the FCC weeks ago but there is still no info on a release date. A new report has surfaced revealing what may be the name of one of the watches.

A couple of weeks ago, LG was granted a trademark in Korea for the word “Libre” for its smartwatches. This has led to speculations that one of the watches, most likely the sports variant will launch as the LG Watch Libre.

LG Watch Sport
LG Watch Libre may replace 2017’s LG Watch Sport

The word Libre loosely translates to the state of being free, (being) at liberty, or having freedom. Not to be confused with the word “free” which means not required to pay for something. Libre is similar to the root of the English word “Liberty”.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that the sports model is called Libre. Although, I think the LG Watch Liberty sounds like a better name. There is no confirmation yet, so this is pure speculation.

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LG is also working on a hybrid smartwatch with mechanical and digital parts. The watch is expected to launch as the LG Watch Timepiece. It was first reported as far back as April but still doesn’t have a release date yet.

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