Microsoft Surface Phone Appears In Windows 10 APIs, Allegedly Coming With LG Display

by Michele Ingelido 0

Since the failure of Windows-powered phones, several patents and leaks hinted at the existence of a Microsoft Surface Phone. Even the Redmond giant implicitly confirmed its intention to come back in the mobile devices market multiple times. Now, new references to the upcoming phone appeared in a leaked email, a tweet by Panos Panay and even some APIs in the latest Windows 10 preview. Starting from the APIs: they refer to applications which can adapt their user interface and features depending on the position of the hinge. According to the code found, there will be five modes: closed, concave, convex, flat and full.

This confirms the existence of a foldable device, and according to the latest patents and leaks, Microsoft Surface Phone will probably be a foldable device. The mail confirms that it will be a pocketable device, so there are no doubts it will be a phone-sized device. It will belong to a brand new category of devices fostering innovation, coming under the Andromeda project. A new revolution may be incoming, just as the first Surface convertible tablets. Note that Surface tablets have successfully created a new category of devices which many people are using instead of classic laptops because of their versatility.

Even Apple has copied Microsoft with its iPad Pro line-up supporting detachable keyboards and a stylus. Microsoft Surface Phone is also expected to come with stylus support: it would make it the only non-Samsung Galaxy Note device to support a pen for handwriting and drawing. Further, Panos Panay has published a tweet two days ago which implicitly hints at LG supplying the displays of the new foldable Microsoft Surface Phone. The post contains a caricature of Panos Panay made by LG and a hinged photo frame. Make your own conclusions.