Some Google Pixel 2 units affected by Fatal Camera Error can’t shoot photos

by Michele Ingelido 0

New camera problems related to the Google Pixel 2 line-up have been reported by some users. The issues are related to the camera which does not allow to shoot photos and in some cases, it does not work anymore. Such issues have been reported even after the official launch, but thanks to new reports we learned that they are still present and they are worse than expected. While the issue sometimes caused the camera app not to open due to a “fatal error” to other users, a user on Twitter has reported that the camera on her device never works, even though she followed all the workarounds suggested by Google for this issue.

Google has then replied that it is aware of the issue and looking into it. Google then told to the Twitter user to put her Google Pixel 2 in airplane mode and see if the camera works, then update the post. If you own a Google Pixel 2 or 2 XL and you have this issue, according to Google you have to clear the default camera app cache. In order to do it, visit the app sections of the settings menu, then select the default camera app and tap on Clear cache. Then, restart your phone and try to open the app again. Otherwise, you can try to put your phone in Airplane mode and open the camera app as this is supposed to be an issue related to connectivity.

If even this method does not work, try to shoot photos by using alternative camera-based apps such as Snapchat etc. However, you might be able to only use the selfie camera as users affected by the issue when trying to access the rear camera often get a black screen. Google has even replaced some units having this issue, but from what it has just posted, it seems to be a software-related problem.