Smartisan is developing a new OS to take on Android, coming in six months!

by Jed John 0

Smartisan took the wraps off the Nut Pro 2s in a ceremony held in China on Monday. The company also announced a number of other products which include a TNT Workstation, an Infinite screen as well as Bullet SMS. A new Smartisan OS 6.6.5 which has a new lock screen, frosted glass feature for privacy and a game acceleration mode was also announced. The Nut Pro 2s runs on the new OS. 

Towards the end of the conference, Smartisan’s CEO Lao Luo released a blockbuster news that the company will be launching its next-generation OS development plan in the next six months. What makes the news interesting is the disclosure that the new operating system is not developed based on Android. Also, the OS compatibility will extend beyond mobile phones. The TNT workstation which was first announced during the Nut R1 launch and then during the Nut Pro 2S launch is an example of the multi-platform seamless operation experience which the new OS will offer. The Smartisan TNT Workstation reminds us of the Microsoft Surface Studio but doesn’t run on Window. However, it can be used as an interface to display the Smartisan R1 and Nut Pro 2s on the large display. Already, the Workstation comes with custom office programs (TNT Word, TNT PPT, and TNT Excel) with live animation preview, voice input, and command support, text drag and drop, and text style modification.

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Apparently, Smartisan is now trying to unify the OS to create seamless operation across multiple platforms (smartphones and desktop PC). This is a lofty ambition which may likely not fly. At present, only Apple has been able to achieve its own software and hardware integration for PC and phones without reliance on other operating systems. All other OEMs in the smartphone industry rely squarely on Android OS. Samsung had attempted to take on Android with the Tizen OS but that project seems to have been abandoned, with Tizen currently being used only on Samsung smartwatches, smart TV and other smart home gadgets. Samsung phones are powered by Android OS while the budget Tizen-powered Z-series seems to have been rested. The major issue was the large app database available on Android. Well, Smartisan is postured as an innovative and ambitious company and so, it could actually have something up its sleeves that’ll rock the boat.