Android Go Powered Ulefone S1 gets its first Hands On Experience (Video)

by Joel 0

Smartphones of 2018 are powerful enough to manage daily tasks without major hiccups, even the ones that are cheap. But with all the bloatware that every manufacturer add to their smartphones, you might miss out on a smoother UI experience especially on phones that are cheaper than $100. This is where Google’s Android GO comes to the rescue of such cheap smartphones. Android Go is built from scratch to ensure that low-end smartphones, even ones with only as much as 512 MB of RAM can run applications without  lag, making for a smooth user experience. This is probably why Ulefone decided to go with the Android Go platform for its latest budget smartphone, the Ulefone S1. Now, the company has shown us a first basic hands on of the S1 model on their youtube channel.

The video shows the Ulefone S1 going through basic tasks like browsing instagram, checking mails or adding events on Google assistant. Note that many of these are special Go editions of the regular apps like Google Go, Assistant Go, and even Gmail Go. These apps are stripped down versions of regular apps that feature only the essential features required for your everyday usage. So some features are missing from these editions. But in return, your Android experience is smooth and lag free, even on a smartphone with just 1GB of RAM on board.



The Ulefone S1 comes with MT6580 inside with 1GB RAM and 8GB of storage. On the camera department, it even hosts a dual camera on the back with 8MP/5MP combo as well as a 5MP selfie shooter. In the terms of battery, the S1 features a 3000mAh capacity battery that should give the device an excellent battery performance.

Note that starting from August 20th till 28th, the Ulefone S1 will be on available for just $9.9 every day at exactly 3:00 PM GMT+8 on Aliexpress. Of course, there are only limited units available at this price, so tune your watches and be quick! If you miss the $9.9 offer, don’t worry because during the same period the price will be just $49.99. Check all the activity details on the company’s official website.