Hands-on photos of the Nubia Z18 (Nebula Red and Deep Dark Night)

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Nubia took the wraps off its latest flagship, the Nubia Z18, a few hours ago. The smartphone comes with a display with a similar design to that of the Essential PH-1. However, Nubia has named it Infinite Waterdrop Display.

The phone comes in three variants – Nebula Red, Deep Dark Night, and Starry Night. Hands-on photos of the first two color variants have been posted online.

The Nubia Z18 does look like the Essential PH-1 with respect to its display but there are still a number of differences. The screen of the Nubia Z18 is more curved at the bottom corners compared to that of the Essential. Also, the top bezel of the Z18 is slightly thicker. Where the Nubia does win is in the side bezels which are one of the thinnest we have seen on a phone.

The Z18 has a glass back and it is no surprise it is a fingerprint magnet, though it looks like the Nebula Red variant does a better job at hiding it. Depending on the angle light hits the phone, the pattern on the back should appear different.

The phone packs dual cameras and as Nubia is known to do, it has a red ring around its sensors (it’s also around the front camera too). The camera is slightly raised and there is a dual LED flash flanking it on the right. The Z18 also packs a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.

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Overall, the Nubia Z18 is a good -looking device but not the best we have seen this year. Nevertheless, looks aren’t the only thing considered when purchasing a phone, so we are sure the Z18 has its fans out there.

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