Buy Xiaomi-Branded Earphones At Dropped Price On Banggood [Coupon Code]

by Vinay Patel 0

Xiaomi is primarily renowned for manufacturing high-end smartphones. Apart from that, the Chinese tech giant also makes laptops, mobile apps, consumer electronics and even earphones that strike a perfect balance between comfort, sound quality, and convenience.

If you’re looking for feature-laden, yet low-priced Xiaomi earphones, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll not only shed light on Xiaomi-branded earphones that are currently available at a discounted price on Banggood but also show how you can save a considerable amount of extra money at the time of checking out.

Xiaomi Youth Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

Featuring a 360-degree rotation for comfortable use, the Xiaomi Youth Earphone is now up for grabs bearing a discounted price of $24.99 on Banggood. This is a noteworthy 27% reduction in the earphone’s original asking price of $33.99.

You can apply coupon code a35d2e to save an extra $8.75 before proceeding to checkout. This will help you reduce your grand total to just $16.24. Regrettably, the coupon is slated to expire on September 30th.

You can follow this link to avail the discount and use the coupon before it lapses.

Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers Wired Control Earphone Headphone

This Xiaomi-branded headphone comes with a moving coil and moving iron dual unit for enhanced music. You’d usually need to shell out $19.99 in order to get your hands on it but if you’re on a tight budget, you can apply coupon code 87f8dd to save an extra $5.

In other words, you can reduce your grand total to just $14.99 by applying the above-mentioned coupon code. You can follow this link to receive the discount and use the coupon, which will expire on September 9th.

Xiaomi Dynamic Driver+Ceramics Driver In-ear Wired Earphone Headphone

Made by high-quality TPE materials which do not knot or wind easily, the Dynamic driver + Ceramics Driver earphone are capable of producing rich immersive sound. Taking its popularity into consideration, Xiaomi is offering it at a dropped price of just $19.99 on Banggood.

This is a noteworthy 23% reduction in the headphone’s retail price. You can use coupon code 43d789 in order to get an extra $8 off and reduce your already discounted grand total to just $11.99.
It is imperative for you to bear in mind that the coupon will expire on September 9th. You can click here to avail the discount and apply the coupon.

 Xiaomi Hybrid 2 Graphene Earphone

Equipped with dual drivers on each side – Dynamic driver+balanced armature driver that elevates the music in a great measure, the Hybrid 2 Graphene earphone normally sells for $35.99 on Banggood. Much to the delight of cost-conscious buyers, the site is offering a noteworthy 19% off on the coveted earphone’s original selling price.
On top of that, you can use coupon code b8781b to get an additional $12.60 off. This will help you bring your grand total further down to just $16.39. You can visit this link to use the coupon, which is scheduled to expire on September 9th.