Huami announces Huangshan No. 1, the world’s first AI-powered wearable chipset

by Jeet 0

Today, at a launch event, along with Amazfit Verge Smartwatch and Amazfit Health Band 1S, Xiaomi-backed Huami also launched Huangshan No. 1 — the world’s first artificial intelligence powered wearable chipset.

The Huangshan No. 1 (MHS001) is the world’s first wearable processor that comes integrated with AI neural network. It features four core artificial intelligence engines — cardiac biometrics engine, ECG, ECG Pro, and Hearth Rhythm Abnormality Monitoring Engine.

Huangshan No. 1 AI Wearable Chipset

It is also claimed to the world’s first RISC-V open source instruction set wearable processor. The company says that the chipset has three characteristics — it’s AI drive, provides lightning performance, and has minimal power consumption.

Huami adds that it also has Always-On functionality and the chipset AI is better than the traditional artificial intelligence. The company also claims that the Huangshan No. 1 is 38 percent more efficient than the Arm Cortex-M4 architecture processor.

It supports real-time movement tracking, real-time biometric identification, real-time warning, among a huge array of functions. The company says that with this AI-powered wearable chipset, the deep learning technology has landed on a smart wearable device for the first time.

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While Huami has announced the Huangshan No. 1 Smart Wearable chipset, the wearable devices powered by this chipset will be launched in the first half of 2019.