Lenovo wants to grow its Mobile Business; Will work on 5G technology

by Simran Singh 0

In a recent Transform 2.0 Lenovo conference held in New York, company’s CEO, Yang Yuanqing said that the company wants to make Lenovo Mobile business much stronger by working on the latest technologies. According to him, Lenovo can attain much higher positions in the smartphone market as there’s a room for development. Lenovo Mobile business will help the company to develop IoT devices, 5G technology and other smart devices.

lenovo mobile business

Lenovo is going to take its Mobile Business more actively, as it can help Lenovo to attain the 5G compatibility in the near future. Yang further added that it would be very difficult to build future technologies without developing the mobile computing and communication devices. Both the divisions should work parallely to attain compatibility with new technologies.

There are many countries in the world where Lenovo is performing well in the smartphone sector. He even talked about the Motorola deal, where Lenovo has learnt a lot and helped the company’s mobile business to grow rapidly. Well, the deal helped to churn some profits in selected market only. In others, there are some sanctions where Lenovo has to pay before entering the market. So, overall Lenovo is limited to some markets with the current resources.



Overall, we can say Lenovo wants to work on the Mobile division as it is the base for many future technologies. If it fails to maintain the Mobile business, then Lenovo would be in crisis as it will be difficult to cope with the future needs.

In the end, Yang emphasised that they are not giving up the Mobile business, they will evolve with the upcoming 5G technology. So, let’s see what Lenovo will bring in the next few months.