Google Home Hub leaks, looks like a mashup of a tablet and the Google Home Max

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Last year, Lynky announced the first Google Assitant-powered smart home hub with a display. Yes, Lynky is the first, not Lenovo, to announce a smart display powered by the Google Assistant. Almost a year later, Google is expected to unveil its own smart display. Details of the device called the Google Home Hub have surfaced.

Starting with the design, the Google Home Hub looks like a mash-up of an Android tablet and the Google Home Max. Personally, I think Google could have come up with a better design if it tried.

The display is 7-inches in size with thick bezels around it. The top bezel has a bunch of sensors but doesn’t seem to have a camera which is weird since the Lenovo Smart Display has a camera for video calling using Google Duo. There is a switch at the back of the Google Home Hub but that is for turning off the microphone.

The rear of the device looks like a large speaker and is covered in fabric. There sure are some speakers buried underneath that fabric but the design gives us concern about the audio performance. As shown in the images, the display practically covers the front leaving just a small bit of the base exposed.

Just like other Google Home devices, the Home Hub will only work when connected to a wall switch judging by the power cable at the back. The Home Hub will be powered by a 15W wall adapter according to the leaked specs.

The Google Home Hub will display relevant information such as weather, traffic, date and time. It will also be able to show live views of connected security cameras via a voice command. If you link it up with your Google Photos account, it will also display your pictures.

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The Google Home Hub will be available in Chalk (pictured above) and Charcoal. It will have support for dual-band Wi-Fi and weighs 480g. It is expected to sell for $149 and be announced alongside the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL on October 9.

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