Huawei gave out power banks to Apple fans queuing for iPhones in Singapore

by Jeet 0

Huawei has taken the act of mocking the newly launched iPhones to the next level in seemingly funny way. In Singapore, those who were waiting overnight for the release of the iPhone XS and XS Max, were handed power banks by the China-based tech giant.

Some people wearing Huawei t-shirts started giving away power banks to the hundreds of people waiting in line to get their hands on the newly announced iPhones. Not just that, there’s a message on the power bank’s box which reads – “Here’s a power bank. You’ll need it. Courtesy of Huawei.”

Huawei giving out power banks to Apple fans

The power banks that the Chinese company is handing out for free aren’t cheap or old units. The company is giving away Huawei’s SuperCharge 10,000mAh power banks, which are priced at around SD80 (approx. $59) per unit.

Huawei has been subtly trolling Apple ever since the new iPhones were announced. Just after the Apple launch event on September 12, the company posted a video on social media platforms that says “Thank you for letting us be the real hero for the year. See you in London 16.10.18.”



In case you don’t know, Huawei has scheduled a launch event in London on 16th October where the company will unveil its next-generation Mate-series phones — the Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro. The Chinese manufacturer has already hinted about advanced features based on artificial intelligence on its upcoming flagships.