Buy WNNVE-C201A Night Vision Goggles For Only $439.99 On TomTop [Coupon]

by Vinay Patel 0

The market is brimming with all sorts of night vision gadgets that help you see even in dark environment; however, these devices usually carry steep price tags. If you’ve been looking for cost-effective night vision equipment that’s loaded with useful features, we got good news for you.

The WNNVE-C201A night vision goggles digital binocular has gone up for sale bearing a heavily discounted price tag on TomTop. As a result, you can buy this near-infrared night vision device at a dropped price of just $699.99 on the popular Chinese online store.

If taking just a 30% reduction in the WNNVE-C201A goggles’ original asking price of $986.32 doesn’t impress you much, you can use coupon code WNNVE to save a considerable amount of extra money at the time of checking out. The coupon helps you save an extra $260 and brings your already reduced grand total down to just $439.99.

An absolute bargain at this price, the WNNVE-C201A night vision goggles is perfect equipment for observing wildlife in dark environments or exploring a valley. It is designed to be extremely lightweight so that you can comfortably mount it on your head for hands-free operation.

It offers an effective visible distance of 16-196ft, and if you carry an infrared flashlight you can see as far as 328 feet. Moreover, it is outfitted with a soft and elastic strap that can be adjusted to give the wearer right tightness ensuring it stays in place during movement.

Aside from that, the WNNVE-C201A night vision goggles are made using high-quality fireproof plastic, making it only 7.3-12.9oz lighter than a bottle containing water. Its power supply is placed outside so that you can wear it on your head for longer duration without breaking much of a sweat.

Furthermore, The WNNVE-C201A draws its juices from a non-removable rechargeable battery that delivers up to 8 hours of working time after been charged for 8 hours. You can even use a power bank with USB interface to charge the WNNVE-C201A.

You can follow this link if you’re interested in checking out the rest of the details and taking advantage of the discount before the promo ends. Note that the sale is slated to wrap up in a short time.

Get 30% Off On WNNVE-C201A Night Vision Goggles Digital Binocular