OnePlus 6T teardown affords use our first look at its internals

by Jed John 0

Since the OnePlus 6T flagship was announced about two weeks back, the device has seen several positive reviews. Apart from reviews, the device has been put through the durability test by YouTuber JerryRigEverything with the device coming out in flying colours. The YouTuber has also released a second video where he dismantles the OP6T. Oneplus 6T hands on 19

The dismantling video takes us through the entire teardown process right from when the rear panel is opened. Well, Zack Jerry had earlier taken off the metal back to make a transparent back. So he just took off the transparent back to commence the teardown. The video shows the 3700mAh battery is held in place with glue but is pretty easy to remove.

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The disassembly video also gives us our first look at the OP6T in-display fingerprint reader. The video shows there is an opening just under the AMOLED panel that lets the sensor to capture the user’s fingerprint including all of its ridges and pores, for accurate identification. The sensor looks very similar to a regular phone camera sensor but is a lot smaller. In addition, the video also shows the OnePlus 6T come with watertight seals wherever there is an opening, affirming its water-resistant build. Even the circuit board is coated to protect the electronics against corrosion. You can check out the video from above.


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