Xiaomi Bamboo Slate, a tablet like device to digitize paper content now on sale for 799 Yuan (~$115)

by Simran Singh 0

Xiaomi has started the sale of WACOM developed Bamboo Slate for the price of 799 Yuan (~$115) which roughly translates to $115. Users can own it via some online stores such as Amazon and official Youpin Store. Xiaomi powered Youpin store website already hosts various home products that are different from the majority of smart devices. Xiaomi publishes products of companies which are associated with them for sale and distribution.

xiaomi smart notebook

Xiaomi Bamboo Slate is a digital notebook which translates all your paper notes and drawings into digital content with the help of technology. You can get the digital copy of your handwritten or crafted stuff with a press of a single button. It also helps you to export, edit and synchronize sketches, drawings, graphics on Android, iOS, and Windows with the help of WACOM Inkspace. Users can choose the format in which they want to export such as Jpeg, Png, PDF, and WILL.

It also supports digital modification function that is impossible on paper notes. There are many other features which makes it different from the normal tablets.

It works using the electromagnetic resonance technology which helps to produce the digital prints within a single button press. It constructs a stable and precise magnetic field on the bottom of the device. Further, the magnetic fields are displaced with the help of an electromagnetic pen which captures and records the writing signal in real-time. It helps to realize the writing and later redo it if needed.

In detail, WILL technology supports free handwriting trace and document splitting of digital documents. It also helps to edit, delete and even coloring the document in digital format. Users can also connect to any Bluetooth device with the help of a dedicated app to display paper writing in real-time. It can store the documents both online and offline. In offline storage option, the user can only store 100 pages at a time.

It is portable, lightweight and supports pen storage with 100% handmade fabric design.  Buyers can own it for the price of 799 Yuan (~$115) from different online stores.

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