Pre-Order Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter For Just $365 On Banggood

by Vinay Patel 0

Looking for a full-fledged personal electric vehicle that sports a highly portable folding design? The Xiaomi M365 folding electric scooter might just fill the bill.Housed in a sturdy frame made using aviation grade aluminum, this easily maneuverable scooter weighs in at just 12.5kg. Its folding feature is quite advantageous as it makes the M365 smaller and easy to move from one place to another.

Thanks to its minimalist geometric design, the scooter’s handlebar stem acts as a handle when the scooter is folded. While most electric bikes are capable of starting from a stop, this Mi Electric Scooter requires you to first kick off, which is done with a single button, before you apply some throttle.

Furthermore, the M365 is backed by LG High Security 18650 Power Lithium batteries that deliver 18.6 miles long-range battery life. Moreover, it adopts a double braking system and features ultra-bright headlights that are quite essential especially during night riding.

While a high-end electric scooter offering comparable features would normally set you back a pretty penny, the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter can now be yours for a lowered price of just $365. Xiaomi has teamed up with Banggood to offer a noteworthy 35% off on this two-wheel electric scooter’s original asking price of $559.

You can choose between two color versions including black and white. With 405 pre-orders already placed at the time of writing, this promotion sale is slated to end on November 24th. Moreover, there were only 100 pieces remaining for this promo.

You can head straight to this link to pre-order the Xiaomi M365 Folding Electric Scooter at a considerably lowered price before the promo comes to an end.