Get Xiaomi-Branded Vacuum Cleaners At Unbeatable Prices On GeekBuying [Coupons Inside]

by Vinay Patel 0

Keeping your home clean and tidy all the time can prove to be a back-breaking task. While the market is brimming with all sorts of vacuum cleaners and other appliances that can take care of this arduous chore, these devices usually carry steep price tags.

In a bid to make top-branded cleaning tools available to cost-conscious, we have listed four vacuum cleaners that you can buy without emptying your pockets on GeekBuying. So without further ado, let’s delve into the details.

Xiaomi LEXY JIMMY JV71 Vertical Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The JV71 boasts a low center of gravity design that improves the fit of the roller brush and the ground, reducing the overall weight of the device. Moreover, the roller design lowers the power of the hand push allowing you to push it lightly without breaking a sweat.

In order to get your hands on this feature-laden JV71 vacuum cleaner, you’d normally need to shell out $514.06, but you can now buy it for only $329.99 on GeekBuying. Moreover, you can extend this 36% discount by using coupon code GIZ_PRGKLFWZ.

The coupon helps you save an extra $123 by reducing your grand total to just $316.99 before you place your order. It is imperative for you to bear in mind that the discount will only be valid for the international version for 19 days. You can follow this link to avail the discount.

Xiaomi Rodmi F8 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Despite sporting a simplistic design, the Rodmi F8 is capable of efficiently performing housework. Equipped with multiple whirling dragon duct system, the F8 can be used for a whopping 50 minutes after charging it for only 2.5 hours.

This Xiaomi-branded vacuum cleaner would normally set you back a pretty penny on online and offline stores, but you can now get your hands on it for just $349.99 on GeekBuying. This is a significant 29% drop in the device’s original selling price of $491.71.
Moreover, you can apply coupon code GIZ_LRLQFUCN to save $93 more during the check out process. In other words, you can bring your already lowered grand total further down to just $306.99 simply by applying the aforesaid coupon.

While you can follow this link to grab the discount, which is limited to the international version of the vacuum cleaner, it is imperative for you to bear in mind that the promo was on the verge of wrapping up at the time of writing.

Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2

Xiaomi’s well-received Mi robot vacuum cleaner 2 comes with a sweeping and mopping function that comes in handy while ensuring your surrounding is free from dirt and other impurities. The device adopts plant bionics system, allowing its’ filter to automatically sponge up water while ensuring there is enough water content left.

The Roborock S50 usually sells for $699.99. But much to the relief of those living on a tight budget, Xiaomi is now offering this feature rich vacuum cleaner for a lowered price of $439.99 on GeekBuying.

While this is a significant 37% discount, there’s more for you to cheer about. During the checkout process, you can use coupon code GIZ_NBWMGZDN and get an extra $270 off. As a result, your cart value comes down to just $429.99 before you click on the ‘Place Your Order’ button.

You can visit this link to avail the discount. Note that the promo was on the verge of wrapping up at the time of writing.

Xiaomi Roborock Xiaowa Plus E35 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Designed to efficiently complete cleaning tasks, the Roborock Xiaowa Plus E35 Robot Vacuum Cleaner can always sweep straightly. The robot utilizes 13 types of sensors to create sweeping maps in real time. Moreover, it can automatically determine the shortest route back to its dock charger after cleaning up the room.

This amazing vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi sells for $614.99 and though its awe-inspiring features completely justify this steep price tag, you can now buy it for a slashed price of $294.99 on GeekBuying. This is a 52% discount on the device’s original asking price of $614.99.

You can get an extra $210 off while checking out by using coupon code GIZ_VBTIBJMH. Thanks to the above-mentioned coupon, your cart total reduces to only $289.99. The promo is slated to end in 19 days and you can follow this link to get the discount and use the coupon before it expires.