Apple patents future AirPower wireless charging pad with advanced security features

by Simran Singh 0

In order to compete against the Chinese manufacturers, the Cupertino giant is also preparing something innovative. Recently, we came to know that Apple has applied for the wireless charging pad patent. In a new filing at the United States Patent & Trademark Office, Apple has something new and superior to the AirPower wireless charging pad. The successive technology is superior to the present technology and packs various new advancements.

As per the documents and images leaked from the patent description, the new technology can charge multiple devices at the same time. It can charge your iPhone, iWatch, and iPad simultaneously. It will bring enhanced security features that showcase the charging status of multiple Apple devices. The charging status will be shown on the largest display devices among all that is connected with the charging pad.

The detailed diagram also gives us a look at the apparatus that will be used in the new wireless charging technology. It will include a wireless charging surface which will allow users to charge multiple devices placed in its proximity range. Moreover, there will be memory storage also, but its use is not clarified. Though, due to limited information available, nothing else can be figured about the new patent.

It is an interesting piece of technology as on paper, but for the actual product, we have to wait for sometime. We hope the actual product from Apple to surface in the next couple of years. It can provide ease of charging to various Apple users around the globe. It will further open doors for new advancements in the field of wireless charging.

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