Smartmi Car Air Purifier announced, priced at ¥349 (~$51)

by Habeeb Onawole 0

If you are in search of an air purifier for your car, you just got one more option to choose from. One of Xiaomi‘s partner companies, Zhumi/Smartmi, announced a new car air purifier yesterday. The Smartmi Car Air Purifier may as well be the cheapest announced by Xiaomi or any of its partner companies.

Smartmi Car Air Purifer

The Smartmi Car Air Purifier has a cylindrical shape and comes in white. Like other air purifiers we have covered, it attaches to the headrest of the car seat. It has a 360° air inlet design and an EPA12 filter that can filter particulate matter up to 0.3μ in size. The purifier itself has a CADR value of up to 70m³/h.

The air purifier is powered by a high-quality DC brushless motor with a dual-fan design that is efficient and quiet. It is powered by a 4.5m long cigarette lighter plug. The plug has a USB port on top, so you can plug in your devices in case you want to charge.

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The Smartmi CarAir Purifier is priced at ¥349 (~$51) which is cheaper than Mijia’s own car air purifier priced at ¥389/~$57 (formerly ¥449/~$65) and Roidmi’s Car Air purifier that is priced at ¥699 (~$102).