Xiaomi India teases a bigger Mi LED TV is coming soon

by Habeeb Onawole 0

February 2018 marked Xiaomi’s entry into India’s smart TV market. Before the end of the year, Xiaomi controlled the largest share of the market. Xiaomi sells five different models in the country that cover a range of prices. A tweet posted by the TV brand’s official Twitter account teases a new Mi LED TV is coming soon to the market and it may be their biggest yet.

The tweet which was posted earlier today includes a picture of the bottom part of a Xiaomi-branded TV and also has the hashtag #TheBiggerPicture.

At the moment, the Mi LED TV 4 Pro 55 is Xiaomi’s biggest TV sold in India. However, in its home country of China, Xiaomi has 58”, 65”, and even 75” models. We do not know which of these sizes Xiaomi will launch in India but our bet is on a 65” model.

Xiaomi already has a factory in India that makes its TVs but based on the info provided when the factory was opened, it would start with manufacturing the Mi LED TV 4A 32” and Mi LED TV 4A 43” before adding new models later this year. Thus the chances are slim that this new model will be made in India since the factory doesn’t even currently make the 49” and 55” Mi LED TVs sold in the country.

There is no info about when the launch will take place yet but that should surface in the coming days.

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Xiaomi’s TVs sold in India are specially designed for the market. Owners can plug in their set-top boxes to the TV and use the TV’s remote to control it thanks to Xiaomi’s Patchwall technology. There are also lots of contents to stream from the TV’s own Android TV-based OS.