Irked by Google’s after-sales service, Pixel user puts up anti-Google posters in Delhi

by Jeet 0

Google’s Pixel smartphone has received mostly positive reviews, especially in the camera department which is arguably the main reason for choosing a Pixel smartphone over other flagship smartphones. However, the Pixel lineup is also infamous for being riddled with bugs and issues.

Users facing issues have no other option to get a solution than to visit a service center. While the company might be trying to offer solutions to the issues faced by Pixel users, it is not easy to offer the same customer service experience to everyone that too in a country like India.

A similar situation happened in Haryana, India. Manu Aggarwal, irked by the company’s after-sales service, found a unique new way to let Google know about it. He went around popular public hotspots in New Delhi and put up anti-Google banners and billboards criticizing the company of not providing quality customer support.

Anti-Google Posters by Pixel User

According to the reports, Manu Aggarwal bought his Google Pixel smartphone in early 2017 and almost a year after purchase, the device started exhibiting problems. He says that he reached out to the company for repairs and his device went through “several rounds of repairs” but came back without any fix for the problems.

He even took to Twitter to express his displeasure. He shows how he had hours-long conversations with the customer care representatives and even called this experience ‘mental harassment’. When nothing worked, he decided to put up anti-Google banners.

The banners explained the problems and even asked users “to reduce their dependency on Google as a service.” He has also added QR codes of his tweets on the poster and has also made a YouTube video about the issue.


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While it’s not yet known if Manu Aggarwal’s issues have been sorted out but this incident highlights the problem with after-sales service of companies selling premium phones. When the company is charging a massive amount for its devices, customers expect that the company will be actively trying to solve their issues, which sadly doesn’t seem to the priority.