Get 60% Off On Action Cameras And Other YI-Branded Products; Get Big Coupons And Discounts On AliExpress

by Vinay Patel 0

An action camera is a great choice for an adventure junky who fancies reliving his/her adventurous outdoor activities and other unforgettable moments.

While there’s no dearth of feature-laden action cameras offering full-HD to 4K output in the market today, these gadgets aren’t always easy on the pocketbook. Moreover, choosing the right action camera can prove to be a tricky task.

In a bid to simplify and expedite this arduous chore of selecting the right action camera, AliExpress has teamed-up with YI, the Chinese company known for offering unparalleled, intelligent video, imaging as well as computer vision technologies. Moreover, there will be a whopping 60 percent off available on all Yi-branded action cameras as part of AliExpress’ Featured Brands promotion sale, which kicks off shortly.

The aforesaid promo features the YI 4K Plus, YI 4K. YI MI mirrorless digital camera, YI mirror dash camera, YI 1080p dome camera along with a wide selection of well-received action cameras that you can buy at incredible prices. For instance, the YI 4K Plus action camera usually sells for $399.98, but you can now buy it for just $159.99 on AliExpress.
In addition to that, you can save a considerable amount of extra money simply by using specific coupons at checkout. You can get an extra $3 off if your order value exceeds $3.01 and you can save $10 more provided your grand total is $229 or more.

As if that weren’t enough, AliExpress is offering its users a chance to get a $20 off coupon if they are willing to shell out just $1. However, the aforesaid coupon will only be valid for users whose order value is of $199 or more. This coupon will only be valid for the first 500 pieces and will expire on January 6th. There’s more for you to cheer about.

The Chinese online retail service is also giving buyers a chance to get 10% off on any two items shown under the ‘Buy 2 get 10% OFF’ section of the promo. The category features the well-received international edition of the YI 4K action camera along with YI Lite action camera, the Dome Camera YI and the Dome Camera YI 1080.

Aside from that, you can get noteworthy discounts on the YI 360 VR camera, YI smart dash camera, YI Discovery action camera, YI Lite action, YI outdoor camera, and YI Dome camera 720p. The promo is slated to end soon and the coupons will also be associated with expiry dates so it is imperative that you can head straight to this link to use them without wasting time.