Lithium-ion based Flexible batteries from Jenax should allow for Compact Wearables

by Jeet 0

South Korea-based technology company Jenax has announced J.Flex — a flexible battery, which the company claims is first of its kind in the segment. The battery, which will be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, appears to be a step forward in changing the way that wearable medical devices are designed and used.

J.Flex Battery

The J.Flex battery was first debuted at CES 2015 which created a buzz around its ability to power consumer wearable technology. The idea was that the flexible battery could be built into the lining of clothes and backpacks without ending up with a bulky solid battery pack getting in the way. The batteries can be twisted or folded without affecting its functionality.

During CES 2019, on 9th January, the company will be showcasing its J.Fled system at the Digital Health Summit. It is a first-generation of the company’s solution that has been specifically designed for medical devices. However, it’s also suitable for consumer electronics such as smartwatches.

Like most other cutting-edge technologies, there’s a catch with this one as well. Currently, the capacity of the J.Flex battery is the biggest drawback, with each unit having a capacity of just around 30mAh, which is roughly 20 percent of a standard button cell.



The company’s presence at CES 2019 will also involve showcasing speakers from Philips, Abbott, and Johnson & Johnson, all of whom are presently investing significant resources in the digital health space. However, there are no guarantees that those companies will be embracing the J.Flex on a significant scale moving forward.


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