Bose QuietComfort Road Noise Control keeps the noise out while driving

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Bose is known for its headphones which boast impressive noise cancellation but not a lot of people know that it also offers noise cancellation solutions for cars. The manufacturer has announced a new noise cancellation solution called QuietComfort Road Noise Control (RNC) as part of its active sound management technology.

Bose QuietComfort RNC uses a plethora of devices that includes accelerometers, microphones, a proprietary signal-processing software, and the audio system of your car to control noise inside the car’s cabin generated from roads.

Bose QuietComfort Road Noise Cancellation

The accelerometers are installed around the car and using an algorithm created by Bose they measure vibrations that create noise. These vibrations can be caused by the different types of roads a car drives on. The info generated is used to create an “acoustically opposite signal”, pumped out through your car’s audio system, that reduces the noise.

The microphones are installed in the car and they monitor the residual noise level for future optimizations. The whole process of noise identification and cancellation is continuous and adjusts the older a car gets.

Bose already offers sound management solutions for cars. There is Engine Harmonic Cancellation (EHC) that reduces noise from the car engine and there is Engine Harmonic Enhancement (EHE) which uses the sound system of the car to enhance select engine sounds.

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QuietComfort Road Noise Control will begin appearing in cars starting from 2021 and will work with cars that don’t even have Bose’s own audio system. The company will work with car manufacturers during the car’s development to customize the solution for the vehicle.