Xiaomi confirms an additional mysterious product launch for tomorrow

by Jed John 0

The media has been awash with rumours of Xiaomi phones both from the newly unbundled flagship Mi brand and the Redmi brand. The company is even expected to announce a new Redmi phone tomorrow and several teasers have been released in that regard. One of the teasers released today called the unknown device “Little King Kong”. The teaser post was reposted by the Mi phone Weibo account and the post seems to suggest that more than one product tomorrow.Xiaomi The post wasn’t specific about the other product(s) that would be launched alongside the Redmi phone which is likely the Redmi Note 7. We can’t even say for sure if it is a smartphone or other smart devices. However, a leaked video of a foldable phone said to be from Xiaomi appeared online recently. The phone’s icons are similar to those of Xiaomi’s MIUI but that can’t be authenticated. Thus, it is difficult to say if the foldable phone is among the products that Xiaomi will show off on January 10. There are rumours that the device will be showcased as well on January 10 but that’s nothing but a rumour.

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It is also possible that the Chinese tech giant will be unveiling several of its latest smart gadgets during the event. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what the other products are.