Xiaomi reveals MIUI 11 development has commenced; a “new and unique OS” coming

by Jed John 0

Xiaomi has reportedly started the development of its next generation of MIUI custom ROM and it would be called MIUI 11. This was made known during the company’s MIUI Core Experience Annual Meeting by Liu Ming, head of Product planning department of Xiaomi internet. This falls in line with the time schedule when the current-gen MIUI 10 commenced and in the coming months, we expect the company to start recruiting closed beta testers.MIUI 11

Presently, MIUI 10 stable update has already been pushed to over 40 models cutting across the Mi and Redmi models. With over 300 million users and a cumulative estimate of 402 weeks of development and update in its 8years+ of existence, MIUI could be said to be one of the longest-running ROMs on mobile phones in China. It has been the practice of Xiaomi to release a major update every year and this year isn’t going to be any different. The new update is expected to be released along with the new generation of Xiaomi’s flagship mobile phone.

From the photo seen on the power point presentation screen, MIUI 11 will be known as “a new and unique OS”, perhaps just the same way MIUI 9 was dubbed  “lightning fast” while MIUI 10 adopted the slogan “AI full-screen system”.

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Xiaomi had earlier hinted that it will focus on improving the UI during the development of MIUI 11. The company further stated that the focus on MIUI 11 will not be on making a big difference in the user interface between MIUI 10 and MIUI 11. Instead, the focus will be on a design focused on the real needs of consumers. The rollout is still months away but we believe, the next-gen custom ROM will bring impressive features.