Get Noteworthy Discounts When You Shop Over $29, $99 Or $199 On DealExtreme

by Vinay Patel 0

Consumers are celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year holidays by taking full advantage of the big discounts both online as well as offline stores are currently offering.

DealExtreme Chinese New Year Shopping Gala
While shoppers are highly likely to end up shelling out a lot of money despite availing the discounts, DealExtreme (DX) is giving them a chance to save a significant amount of money when they cart value exceed specified amounts.

Dubbed as ‘Chinese New Year Shopping Gala’ the promo kicked off on January 28th.

DX is giving buyers a chance to use coupons and get 3, 5 and 7 percent discounts on all items included on the promotion page, except phones and computers.

For instance, if your cart value exceeds $29, you can use a 3% off coupon. If you shop for more than $90, you qualify to use a 5% off coupon and you end up buying products worth more than $199, you’d eligible to apply a 7% off coupon at checkout.

In order to expedite and simplify the search process, DX has split all products into specific categories including Best Selling, MVP, Stay with Family, Play with Children and lots more.

Each section is loaded with awe-inspiring products that normally carry steep price tags, but are now up for grabs at lowered prices.

For example, the Xiaomi Mijia Dafang Portable HD Smart Home IP Camera is currently available for $31.20 under the ‘MVP’ category.

However, since it costs more than $29, you can use the 3% off coupon and save $0.94. In other words, you can bring the original asking price of the product down to only $30.26 simply by applying the 3% off coupon before proceeding to checkout.

Those who aren’t willing to spend more than $50 can head straight to the ‘Extreme Deals Under $50’ section, which is further divided into various sub-categories.

Here, you can buy all sorts of gaming accessories, smart devices, smartphone accessories, computer accessories, auto, and motor parts, LED lighting and lots more.

More importantly, you can avail noteworthy discounts on select products included in each sub-category.

For example, the Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Car DVR carries a $41.28 price tag, but you can get $1.24 off by using the 3% off coupon before placing your order.

As a result, you end up paying just $40.04 for the Xiaomi 70MAI Smart Car DVR. Note that coupon is applied automatically during the checkout process.

You can click here to visit the promotion page and take full advantage of the discounts. It is worth noting that the promo is slated to end on February 12th.