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GooPad Mini, the iPad mini knock-off will launch in November

by Shine Wong 78


GooPad is the best iPad knock-off with 9.7 inch screen, it doesn’t stop at this point, when Apple iPad mini is released today, the GooPad mini follow the step of Apple, unveiled with $99 unbelieveable cheap price. How about the GooPad mini, let’s show you the key specs with the new knock-off.

Key Specification of GooPad mini:

– 8 inch screen, 1024*768 pixel display
– 1.4GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, and 8GB storage
– 2MP rear camera + 0.3MP front camera
– Support WiFi
– Android 4.1 OS, with iLauch (iOS theme)
– Aluminium slim body
It is not so bad for a clone product, it even has same qulity screen, and similar processor. The most important, it only $99. Before you get the iPad mini, maybe you need think about this option to save your money on christmas gift.
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  • leeloo

    The specification is good enough. But how about its battery life?

  • eric

    it is verg good in tianchao.haha.but i had bought Nexus7.this is the one i like in all tablet.

  • Please tell me it has an sd card slot

  • beijing shots

    first you say its 9.7 inch, then its 8 inches. which is it. fool.

    • beijing shots is an arsehat

      learn to read. The first dimension is the goopad iPad copy and the second is goopad mini the iPad Mini copy… fool

  • hvcvhh

    Does it have gps? Ipad mini doesn’t…..

  • Eraldo

    Do not buy this crap. Save your money for the real thing, this is probably going to last 3 days before it tears apart by itself

    • I will purchase just to see apple fans faces when I tell them that runs Android JAJAJA Priceless.

    • eric bess

      save your money by buying an apple product? now theres an oxy moron. why dont i buy an air conditioner instead? at least it can keep me cool. what the hell can an iphone do that other phones cant? im not telling anyone to buy a goophone, but if youre going to use your money wisely, then buying apples, or samsungs is not the right move. all youre doing is paying for a brand.

      • Sabiha Saeed

        Some people have no control over urges even if they know they are throwing away their money….I’m one of them

    • Sabiha Saeed

      LOL…. Chinese products used to be like that but now they have improved a lot …..

  • maria

    where can we purchase it on November? have you got delivery here in the UK?

  • David Beach

    perhaps you should not encourage products that copy others blateny… Imagine if i copied the gizmo website 100% would i have sympothy when you complained of copying? No….

    • Y just purchased to annoy my fellow apple fans. Priceless. jajaja

  • @thechheeyyeennee

    Theres really no point in the IPAD MINI when there’s already the ipod, smart phones. BIG Ipad and so on etc…. just saying but hahah. still very creative. Travel size? (:

  • Mark

    Just to remind all Europian clients: purchasing an illigal copy is punished. You are likely to throw out $99 and get in big trouble with customs for a long long time… So think twice.

    If there are any bugs (which is likely even in the original device) you have no help no support just trouble… What a nice gift!

    Cheap means less. So think about it before you chose.

    • fred

      Unfortunatley as Apple forgot…. the EU has an open competitive market for goods and services….pay VAT at import and what is the issue?
      As for bugs well, not like the new iphone has any, or the ipad or the mini is it.
      Pay $99 get something that works and does what it says as well as value… pay $599 and get something said to work but does not…

    • Yes but is not illegal in latin america. I will purchase just to enter an Apple Store to see their faces and see if they try to take it away from me. Priceless! JA

    • goo pad

      work for apple do ya

    • Kah

      bet u r related to some shop in Eur….jaja…99USD to test is wont cost ya a leg M8

    • Jesper Nielsen

      Just to let you know.. In Denmark it is NOT illigal to buy a copy product.. As long as it is for personal use.. Only distributing of copy products is illigal!

    • eric bess

      thats why you should move out of europe and find real “freedom”

  • pea_nut


  • pst

    have you delivery in Cambodia?

  • Zsolt

    Where can i buy? Shipping in Hungary is possible?

  • JDK

    yes where can i purchase it from????

  • JDK

    can they deliver it in India?

    • wrecky

      yes they can even to Mars

      • JDK

        hahah … btw ne idea about the launch date?

  • bouncy

    Thats a picture of a device (most likely the ipad mini) running ios, not jellybean. That tells me its either a hoax, or they dont even have a decent looking prototype, or a product model ready yet.

  • Timsapple90

    What a piece of android shit like usual !!

  • Sad Sad Sad :(

    you guys are so lame. don’t you have your own ideas? i bet there are tons of good stuff out there in china, but just because you always just copying everything i would never buy anything over there. that’s just not ok and a bad picture you’re drawing to the rest of the world. i hope you guys will wake up soon and show what you really got. 🙁

    • Kah

      HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY .. technology gadgets whatever has no use if its to be restricted to few ones…On the top of it all..Apple does not produce them in US, but in long as labor force is not exploited which may have seem to be a recent issue with Foston in China.. IM PRO …A KNOCKOFF PRICE…thou it may not last 10 years..anyway who cares about lasting 10 years when 10 years from now many other items will be launched n your original gadget that costed a leg has become a vintage item that still works only ….but it will be useless…

    • Bamalam

      It’s all made over there anyway!! Why would you think that this would be of lesser quality?

    • eric bess

      i admire China for making their own stuff, rather than just be slaves to the west.

  • Lorenzo


  • Will you ship to the US? I actually want one of these really badly.
    also, you guys should build this bad boy with a microSD card slot – that would make this a TRULY must-have item for me!

  • With the amount of iPad clones already, I’m sure there will be lots of mini clones to come. This will surely be thicker too, but really interested to see what $100 will get.

  • cumantaka

    when i got in KSA

  • Vlad

    Where can i buy? Shipping in Hungary is possible?

  • Vlad

    Where can I buy it? Shipping to Belarus is possible?

  • When launching in Indonesia, at Medan or Jakarta ?

    • wrecky

      Maybe Solo where JOKOWI born

      • @AboutPalembang

        Palembang may be :))

  • Agent_Blade

    I may just buy this just for the hell of it!

  • Tran Viet Dung

    Where can i buy? have you got delivery here in the Viet Nam?

  • paul

    will it sales in Chian mainland?

  • Kah

    All in all, its already Nov…when is it gonna be available? Where ? Hope not only @ FTC..Owners google market, bat life, apps etc. I cannot wait any longer, time is drawin near..COMMON LAUNCH IT ASAP!!

  • pereonakar

    en peeeenis slurppp ???

  • Were can i purchase one of those???

  • JDK

    when will this be launched… ???

  • Where can I buy? I live in Cambodia.

  • kike

    cuando estara a la venta el goopad mini?



  • Christian

    Same question! Where can I buy it?
    Chris from Luxembourg

    • eric bess

      well, i think that theyre afraid to say, because apple corporation will probably attack them. so much for the “free market”. until now, i’ve never seen goopads sold anywhere

  • Jonhatan

    I would pay 100€ but i need it in coming time so WHERE i can buy this

  • lexa

    where it started?

  • Ed

    So where and when can I buy one????

  • Jay

    Any new updates when this will be available to buy?? Thanks so much!!

  • rose5

    does it have gprs / nano-sim

  • Yans

    where can i buy ln lndonesia

  • Jay

    Pls, Any new updates when this GooPad Mini is coming out for sale??? Thank you!

  • Jay

    When can I buy??? Where online? Thank you!!

  • enjoyshopping

    OrientDeal have pressed a Dual core 8 inch Mini tablet pc, it called Goopad, But its price is 129USD, I ‘m not sure about its function, did any one have buy this one, how about its function?

  • enjoyshopping

    OrientDeal have pressed a Dual core 8 inch Mini tablet pc, it called Goopad, But its price is 129USD, I ‘m not sure about its function, did any one have buy this one, how about its function?

  • where can i buy in Hanoi, Vietnam…. I Like your Goopad Mini…

  • Natalie

    I want to buy 2…..please tell me how

  • Jay

    Which iPhone clone pad should i buy?

  • Jerry

    orientdeal have the Goopad for sell. Search on google for orientdeal then you can find it

  • sotong

    It’s already December & this thing is not even released! All smoke and mirror. I reckon this is a fake announcement because they don’t even have a picture of the real product. That pic they are showing is actually an iPad Mini.

  • Chris luo

    OrientDeal have pressed a Dual core 8 inch Mini tablet pc, it called Goopad, But its price is 129USD, I ‘m not sure about its function, did any one have buy this one, how about its function?

  • Ga McDo

    one third the price-one third the features…Not even bluetooth which is fundamental to a tablet.
    Updates to Android? Who knows. Most of these Chinese tablets are throwaways to be used until they’re out of date. And these days that doesn’t take long.

    • eric bess

      i own a Chinese flytouch tablet for 2 yrs and it still works. it’s not great, but it does the basic things. i would never waste my money on apple products or even samsung.

  • chiptune


  • I cant find this tablet for $99 anywhere… Who sells it for that price?

  • estelle messi

    where can i buy ? i want one where is your webside?