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Huawei is working on Hisilicon Quad Core K3V3 with Mali-T658 GPU


Huawei ie the one of Chinese electronic manufacturer is preparing their new products that producing their own chipset called  Hisilicon quadcore K3V3 processor and Mali-T658 GPU, how about the performance of K3V3 chipset?

The Hisilicon K3V3 based on 28nm process technology, is a quad-core processor, running at 1.8GHz, clock-speed by two A15 core and two A7 core.

In addition, the message also revealed that, the Hisilicon K3V3 built-in GPU Mali-T658. ARM claims the graphics performance up to ten times as much of the Mali-400 MP GPU-accelerated computing performance up to four times that of the older generation Mali-T604.

This is the new era of mobile computing and Huawei is take the effort to make the processor with competitive price but offders a high-end performance for your mobile device. Are you ready?


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  • Nahúm Pérez Mesa

    i will a versus with this one, Snapdragon 800 series qualcomm and intel models.

  • ali shaan

    Mali T658 is no longer on the ARM Roadmap