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2 million BlackBerry Q10 ordered by Chinese government

by Rosgani 2


This is the interesting stories, since China is the country that has the larger smartphone user, but for a while now, the popular smartphone in China is Android and iPhone.

According to Stockhouse recently released the news that the Chinese Government has placed an order for 2 million Q10′s. Here is the direct quote :

Hong Kong (CCTV) Apr. 5/2013,
The Chinese Bureau of Economic and Cultural Development has signed an intent to purchase 2 million Blackberry Q10 handsets according to filials with FYD Enterprises in Macau.  

FYD (Fugyudum) Enterprises owns and operates a chain of for-profit educational faculties in nearby Guangdong and Yudumtu provinces as part of the mainland government’s recent econonomic liberalization initiatives in specified zones within these 2 provinces.

A source close to the company says the Q10′s will be distributed to the Faculties of Mobile Hacking and Cyber Warfare”
Do you think this is the real story or just a rumor? so send me your comments below.

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  • p.key

    Blackberry is one biggest phone producer which do not installing any spy user soft and hide chips in the phones ,also he using the best encryption method, so probably that’s why they are want use them 😉

    I wish them the best in the future