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New ROM available for No.1 S6 Phone

by Shine Wong 4


New ROM available for No.1 S6 phone on

As many people were relating bugs on the stock software of this phone, mychinesephone forum have compiled a new software that promess that will solve many of this phone issues.

Here are the features:

– Random Reboots Bug Fixed
– Proximity Sensor Bug Fixed
– Google Apps (Hangout, Books, News and Weather, Youtube)
– Samsung boot logo
– Samsung boot animation
– Samsung boot audio
– Clockwokdmod (CWM) installed
– Rooted
– Facelock Installed
– SmartStay Installed
– Auto Brightness bug Fixed.

You can download it pressing this link


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  • Joseph

    Very good indeed!
    The phone came with constant reboots and some bugs on the software and as it seems, now everything is working as it should!

    Thank you gizmochina!

  • how to do it ?

  • Luis

    What can i do?

  • TheLeetCoder

    The PlayStore is included or we have to flash it? 😡