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New ROM available for No.1 S6 Phone


New ROM available for No.1 S6 phone on

As many people were relating bugs on the stock software of this phone, mychinesephone forum have compiled a new software that promess that will solve many of this phone issues.

Here are the features:

– Random Reboots Bug Fixed
– Proximity Sensor Bug Fixed
– Google Apps (Hangout, Books, News and Weather, Youtube)
– Samsung boot logo
– Samsung boot animation
– Samsung boot audio
– Clockwokdmod (CWM) installed
– Rooted
– Facelock Installed
– SmartStay Installed
– Auto Brightness bug Fixed.

You can download it pressing this link

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  • Joseph

    Very good indeed!
    The phone came with constant reboots and some bugs on the software and as it seems, now everything is working as it should!

    Thank you gizmochina!

  • TheLeetCoder

    The PlayStore is included or we have to flash it? :x