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NEO M1 First 500 Units Sold Out In 3 Minutes

by Shine Wong 2


NEO official shop start selling on April 25th, they provide a 50% off discount on the first 500 units M1 phone. The official site’s host was down because of too many buyers, and the promotion is delayed 2 hours later. As NEO official claim, the first 500 units phone were sold out in 3 minutes.

NEO official shop accept pre-order for NEO M1 phone now, with a free skin case and screen protector, but regular list price $179.99. All pre-orders will be shipped out at the beginning of May.

Source: NEO Mobile Shop

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  • New discount code for who missed the first promotion: NEOM110, but only $10 off, with free skin case and screen protector, is available before May 5th.

  • CocaColaManager

    hahaha bullshit! It took at least 20 minutes! I kept applying the discount and it kept vanishing when it came to paying via paypal. Obviously 20 minutes later it stopped working. Their checkout is fucked up as well. I wrote to the support. They can’t even fucking understand what I’m saying with their terrible English and then they did supposedly and all they could do is to say sorry! Shitty company! Besides the discount was 45% in reality!