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Rumors: Xiaomi Arch could be the world’s first dual curved edge phone

by Joe 4


Xiaomi has always been the manufacturer focused on offering the best possible features at a very affordable price tag. However, earlier today we came across a Xiaomi phone that’s very different than the current offerings from the company.

A new device claiming to be Xiaomi Arch was spotted today in a poster. The same picture further said that the device was the world’s first dual curved screen design phone in the market. According to the picture, both the sides of the display on this model is curved unlike the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note Edge which also has a curved display edge but only on one side.

The curves will reportedly feature short cut menu’s much like the Note Edge as well as instant notifications regarding calls, messages etc. With this dual curved edge display design, the Xiaomi Arch will have much more real estate on the sides than the current Note 4 Edge.

The overall design looks pretty standard with the ‘Mi’ branding on top and the three capacitive buttons at the bottom. However, remember that this is just a poster and not the real device. Its very easy to cook up a concept like this to excite Xiaomi fans throughout the globe, but we don’t think this will ever materialize.

Samsung has spent a lot of years in research and development of its Galaxy Note Edge, which is also hard to manufacture and therefore available in limited quantities. Moreover, it retails at a very premium price given its cutting edge design and advanced features.

Xiaomi works on a very different strategy than Samsung and hence, its highly unlikely that this so called Xiaomi Arch will ever materialize into a real product.

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Still, if Xiaomi ever released a product like this, would you buy it?


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  • eriklee

    That looks incredibly fake. The Mi logo’s proportions are way off, and even the capacitative buttons don’t follow Xiaomi’s existing (and leaked Mi5) design

  • cutie19043

    Ya thats true and this design would probably create a problem for the cover makers and to the holders too.

  • Is it Real or Fake? is this type of phone is coming?

  • woww, kerenn,,