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The Serendipity S7 packs in a 5.5-inch display inside a 5-inch phone body!

by Joe 5

serendipity s7 2

Some of the previous leaks of the Xiaomi Mi5 showed off a 5.5-inch phone with extremely slim bezels. However, later we came to know that those images were just renders and we probably won’t see such a device in reality anytime soon. However, there’s another company in the market which claims to have a phone with such ultra slim bezels. In fact, the phone is so compact and slim that it packs in a 5.5-inch display inside a body that is usually reserved for 5-inch phones.

serendipity s7 1

We are talking about the new Serendipity S7 which comes with ultra-slim bezels and high screen to body ratio. The phone claims to be extremely light with very thin borders and is reportedly one of the largest screen to body ratio phones in the market. It comes with LG’s 5.5-inch 1080p display. However, the measurements of 145 x 72 x 6.9mm makes it look like a 5-inch phone! What even more interesting is that the company claims that the device just weighs 120 grams even with the battery on board. The display makes up for an impressive 86% of the body of the S7!

serendipity s7 3

Apart from the renders, there’s also some pictures of the device in action. And yes, the bezels are as thin as the posters reveal, which clearly shows the extensive R&D capability of the company. The front features a 2.5D display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. It also has a powerful anti-scratch coating with a beautiful silk texture on the back. There are no capacitive button below the screen, which means it will have on screen buttons.

Coming to the other tech specs, the phone will be powered by a quad-core processor supported by 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. Ther e will be a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front shooter. The Serendipity S7 features 4G LTE networks and supports dual SIM card dual Standby. It will have a 2600 mAh battery on board which will power all these specs.

serendipity s7 4

Overall, the S7 looks like an interesting handset. It features a large screen, is compact in size and has mid-range specs, which makes it a pretty good device. However, we still don’t know the pricing and availability details of the S7. We’ll update with more details as and when we receive it.

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  • Qidamin

    Lol! Mi5 is already copied just before release! And no, on the poster there are no borders on the sides of the screen, on the real model there are some.

  • desponent

    Chinese might find it uncommon or cool to have latin word on their phone but for the rest of the world, who actually want a phone with “serendipity” stamped on it?

  • jimberkas

    reminds me of the OPO fiasco and their misleading picture of the OPO supposedly being in a 5″ frame.
    also, not enough bezel! I don’t like the race to thinness or the race to zero bezel. gotta have room for a big old battery and gotta have room for the digits

  • jan zizka

    I disagree with “jimberkas”.Bezel-less will make more room for your finger rather than less room(in no smartphone you can rest your finger on the edges).Thinness is more a style issue.But that is also good if more advanced compact batteries can be made.

  • Neo

    They should have extended that screen downwards as nothing is there,while upwards speakers and front cam can be a hindrance.Then screen to body ratio will be more than 90%!
    That is something every smartphone maker should do to increase compactness as it’s always an advantage in smartphones.