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Redmi Note 2 Could Debut Alongside MIUI 7 On Aug 13, Expected To Be Priced At 799 Yuan

by Joe 12

Xiaomi has confirmed that they will be releasing the next version of its MIUI ROM on Aug 13. From the teasers, it looks like the company may even launch a smartphone alongside the new version, and the most probably candidate is the Redmi Note 2 model. Its about time to see the new Redmi Note model and the MIUI launch will be a good platform to debut the company’s latest mid-range phablet.

redmi note 2 price

Now, it looks like the pricing of the Redmi Note 2 has been leaked online. A picture shows that the new Redmi Note 2 model will be priced at 799 Yuan for the 32GB storage variant. If this turns out to be true, we could see the 16GB storage variant at around 699 Yuan. This is much lower than the price tag of the original Redmi Note model. However, given that Meizu’s M2 Note retails around this price, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Xiaomi price its new model aggressively.

We expect the new Redmi Note 2 model to come with a 5.5-inch full HD 1080p display with octa-core processor clocked at 2GHz (probably MT6795) and 2GB RAM. There will be a 3020mAh battery on board, similar to the original model’s capacity along with 13MP + 5MP cameras. The phone should run on the new MIUI 7 OS based on Android 5.0 Lollipop version.

JD already has a page where the Redmi Note is listed as going on pre-order from August 16. So, it looks like we will most likely see this particular model in a few days time. As for the pricing, if the specs are anything close to what we mentioned above, especially MT6795, it will be hard for Xiaomi to price it for just 799 Yuan. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait for too long to get official details since the launch is on Aug 13.

What do you think, could Xiaomi price the new Redmi Note 2 at just 799 Yuan?



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  • mf1gt3r

    Conversion pls. How much in dollars????

    • lucian

      800 Yuan around $130 + 30% for resellers = $170.
      $170 for 6795 + FHD5.5 + 3020 mAh + 2GB RAM,don’t think so, hope Xiaomi proves me wrong though

      • mf1gt3r

        Yea. Hard pill to swallow. Lets wait and see.

  • tonio93


    • Muhammad Yasir

      u trolling?

  • Jason45

    It would be amazing if the Note 2 has the MT6795 chipset at that price level. It would be an instant buy for me.

  • tiktaktik

    Thats definitely not gonna happen… At that price even the cheapest chinese mobiles comes with mtk low range soc 6735 or rarely the mid-range soc 6752/53…… Definitely xiaomi(considered little bit costly among othr chinese) wont provide u a mobile with mtk6795 at that price…


    Ready to pay even 1399 Yuan(INR 14 K approx) for that specs…but its highly unlikely..also camera is my main choice for buying now..Lets see how it turns out!

  • tiktaktik

    But being a xiaomi fan i really wish xiaomi to bring this phone with mtk6795…and even though they price it a litter higher like around 15k(~230 -250usd) with mtk 6795, full hd display and good camera, it will be a good deal… I really wish them not to bring this phone with snapdragon 615…!!

  • Muhammad Yasir

    really hard to even IMAGINE a 800 yuan phone comprising of a 6795 … at least not before the end of the year…

    BUT , if they do pull it off … it’s gonna be fantastic !

    • Paap Mrittu

      Impossible I say.

  • Jason45

    More likely, it is the MT6755 chipset.