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Snapdragon 650 vs Helio X10 vs Snapdragon 808: AnTuTu Scores Compared!

by Joe 46

Just yesterday, Xiaomi announced a new version of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 smartphone that comes with Snapdragon 650 inside. In case you don’t know, this is the new Snapdragon 618 chipset that was recently rebranded as the 650. However, it’s a relatively new chip which means we don’t have much idea about how it performs in real life as compared to its competition like Helio X10 or even Snapdragon 808.


But, when it comes to the benchmark scores, the Snapdragon 650 clearly shows its superiority amongst its rivals. So, today, let’s take a close look at how the chip stands as compared to competitors i.e. Snapdragon 650 vs Helio X10 vs Snapdragon 808. In this comparison, we will take a look only at the AnTuTu scores, because that’s readily available at the moment. This is not an extensive comparison, rather it focuses on just the benchmark scores.

Firs of all, let’s take a look at the Snapdragon 650’s benchmark scores.

Snapdragon 650 antutu benchmarkThese scores are pretty good considering that the chip managed 78979 on AnTuTu! That used to be flagship level benchmark score on the app, which really shows how much power lies in the chip. The 2 x Cortex A72 cores + 4 x Cortex A53 cores make the chipset powerful as well as efficient. Moreover, Adreno 510 GPU makes sure that the chip’s graphics performance is going to be great.

Now comparing the Snapdragon 650 vs Helio X10 chipsets, we can see that Qualcomm has done a good job, making it much more powerful than Mediatek’s Helio X10.

snapdragon 650 vs helio x10

Helio X10 used to be the star of the budget segment, ever since it was featured in the first Redmi Note 3 model. Xiaomi was the first to launch this chip in a 1000 Yuan smartphone and soon, others followed. The chip is actually pretty good for the budget segment and it manages to score about 48000 on AnTuTu.

But when compared to the Snapdragon 650, its no match. As you can see in the image above, Snapdragon 650 not only blows Helio X10 out of the park but its even better than the mid-range Snapdragon 808. Now, considering that hexa-core Snapdragon 808 powers many good smartphones like the LG G4 and the Xiaomi Mi 4C, it’s really great to see that the new generation Snapdragon 650 scores even higher than this chip.

snapdragon 650 vs snapdragon 808

That being said, now digest the fact that this chip powers the entry-level Redmi Note 3 (new generation) and you will understand what level budget smartphones have reached today!

Now, let’s take things to another level. Let’s bring in last year’s best smartphone chipset to the comparison, namely the Exynos 7420. The chip scores around 80K-85K on AnTuTu, which means this chip isn’t too far behind. So, performance wise, at least on AnTutu, it’s too close to 7420 for a budget chipset.

So, it looks like the Snapdragon 650 inside the new Redmi Note 3 is really quite powerful for a $100 smartphone.

While it’s great to see such a chip inside a budget mid-ranger, there is one section of the population that’s really going be disappointed to hear this news — EXISTING REDMI NOTE 3 OWNERS. There are a lot of fans who bought the old Redmi Note 3 in the past couple of months and they won’t be happy for sure.

So what do you think about the new Snapdragon 650 chipset? Do you think upgrading a phone with better specs every few months is really good for the industry?

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  • srj

    wow thanks for this, hmmm waiting for India launch(if there is no heating issue)…

  • James

    I think it’s good for consumers! The real world performance of the Helio X10 (I bought a Redmi Note 2 Prime for my better half, after she destroyed two Nubia Z9 Mini in as many months) was enough to make me question if a flagship phone at $600+ is worth the extra.

    The level of performance brought by the SD650 is amazing for the cost – and hopefully this will drive down the prices in the upper end of the market a little too. Is an almost $700 Smasung Galaxy S6 worth the extra $550? In real world use, is it that much better than Redmi Note 3 Pro?

    I would wager that it is not.

    Having already been impressed with the Redmi Note 2 Prime and (with the exception of the lack of MircoSD card) also been impressed by the specification of the Redmi Note 3 Pro, I’m looking forward to finding out more about the Mi5.

    • Wabisabi Ro

      Sadly for you or not, Samsung has top notch camera, it has almost flawless OS with little to no bugs and no overheating, stuttering and lag that plague all Xiaomi phones (check internet for mi5, mi4c, redmi note 3 and pro). It has a 10000% better customer service (xiaomi’s is non-existant), and arguably a (much) better screen (assuming you change the color profile it comes with, which is intended for presentation in shops). The experience as a whole is on a very different level. I’m the owner of a mi-4c and while they managed to partially alleviate the heating issues, it still has trouble now and then, the google play store download is capped at a horrendous 2mb/s speed etc. If you can live with such an experience, go buy one. I for one don’t regret it but I can see why an LG or a HTC costs twice the money for the same hardware. The user experience can be 5 times better.

  • jimberkas

    nice article. that SD650 seems legit. now I’m even more depressed that Xiaomi won’t be releasing a US version of the Redmi Note 3

  • Muhammad Yasir

    Do you think upgrading a phone with better specs every few months is really good for the industry?


    • tiktaktik

      Yes. For example we could get a smartphone with fhd display below 130$ now. If there is no fast upgradation and no competition then fhd display mobiles still would have costed above 300$

    • BotondKisKovacs

      Of course it’s good for the industry. They make a lot of money on it. It’s bad for the environment that has to supply all the materials and take all the pollution that comes from the industry.

      For consumers it’s good to have choices and the competition drives prices down but then again in the long run if you as a consumer buy cheaper phones more often, you still spend more than buying an expensive phone and using it for a long time.

      To put it short, some people profit from this quick upgrade cycle but in the end everybody loses. Senseless waste of energy and resources for an unnecessarily greedy consumerist society. Not that I would not like to upgrade 2-3 times a year but I still use a phone for 2 years.

      • Faisal Shaharyar

        but as a consumer even if i get a phone lets say in 1st quarter of the year I would like use it for atleast 14-15 months.

        before i buy a new one. so basically its good for the industry as they are rapidly moving towards new technology

        • BotondKisKovacs

          New technology is nice to have but not really necessary. I remember the times when they made products that lasted for decades or even for several lifetimes.
          Don’t get me wrong I really love technology and all gadgets and I would love to have the latest of everything, I just think it’s wasteful because we are severely underutilizing our devices we just buy them because we are obsessed with them.

          • jodieisme

            unless those big names start to produce sustainable, upgradeable smartphone, I think I’ll stick to my habit buying new phone once in a 3 or 4 years..
            I mean, it’s easy to buy a new phone with an up-to-date hardwares & softwares etc, but what happened when you just wanna upgrade a particular hardware, just like the case with xiaomi redmi note 3 owners, apart from the chipset, camera etc, there are actually no major upgrade at all..
            that won’t be happened if those big manufactures develop their smartphones like they do with PC’s..

          • BotondKisKovacs

            That is a nice idea and maybe you have heard of project Ara, the modular smartphone. The problem is that we probably won’t be seeing those any time soon and traditional smartphones might still be cheaper for a while after modular ones get released. Sustainability is simply not a concern for a business, all they want is a LOT of profit and they want it NOW. The problem is that sustainability is not a concern even for most people.

          • jodieisme

            thanks for the heads up mate, I’ve seen lot about Project Ara after you mentioned it, but I guess there will be some limitation in the functionality, the initial cost are quite steep..

      • Karly Johnston

        Just because you buy a Chinaphone doesn’t mean you will buy 2-3 phones a year. The good ones last just as long as the expensive ones.

        • BotondKisKovacs

          I know, I don’t switch either if the phone is still working OK, but the world is full of people who do. Some even switch expensive flagships as others do cheap phones.
          There is clearly a trend for this otherwise no company would be releasing new phones every few months and still getting high sales, including Chinese companies.
          As far as quality goes, a friend of mine switched 2 Samsung Galaxy S3s while I still have the Xiaomi Redmi Note I had the whole time. He still thinks Chinese phones are crap. An other friend had a defective iPhone in the same period and had to change it. He approves that Chinese phones are good but he still buys iPhone for himself which isn’t particularly suited for his needs of a long lasting battery to use as a mobile office for documents and emails while he is on the road for business purposes.

          • Karly Johnston

            When you can get good Chinese phones at $200 coming from spending $600, i can see why some people want to upgrade more often but it is more like once a year.

          • BotondKisKovacs

            Depends on where you live too. With an average $200 salary per month like in my country it’s not the same like in a country with $1000 or $2000 salary.

          • Fendi

            Avg USD200 pm salary? No offense but where do you live actually? Just curious to know, that’s all.

          • VMortens

            Judging by the nick it’s Hungary, but it still sounds like he exagerated, since 200$ isnt exactly an average there – it would be a really low one.

          • marian pamfil

            Yeah actually 200$ was the minimum now is somewhere around 240$ but the medium wage is somewhere around 475$ and a programmer can make as a junior from 500$ up to 10.000$ , this all depends on the skills and knowledge and for whom you work

          • BotondKisKovacs

            That would be Romania. But it’s not much better in the other East European countries either. I make around $750 being a web developer but spend $150 just on the daily commute from my town to the city I work in. Minimum wage (that would be probably 60-70% of employed workforce) is around $150. Both my parents have around $150 pension after a lifetime of work.
            Anyway my salary while almost decent is still not enough to just switch a phone when I feel like doing so because there are always more important things to spend on and I am not doing the loan/credit card/installment type things that most people do so they are basically perpetually in debt just to have new gadgets.

          • zuzu

            You are wrong! Minimum salary in Romania is 350$+.
            A real programmer have 1000$-4000$ income

            Pension are other story 🙁

          • jodieisme

            perhaps, he’s on a place where the regional minimum wage is around $150..
            it’s like living in Jakarta where its’ regional minimum wage is around $235, while on the other side of the same country, say Surakarta, the minimum wage is around $108..

          • BotondKisKovacs

            Not sure where you are getting your info but for 2016 the minimum wage is 1050 RON GROSS which results in $175 NET (just google “salariu minim 2016” and the first link breaks it down to the last cent). So I was off by $25, I was estimating, not making any real calculations. In 10 days a new law will be passed that increases the GROSS amount by 200 ron (~$50) which will increase the NET minimum income to $205.
            As for programmers, you are right, I’ve seen official data that says they can get between $1000-$3000.

    • Faisal Shaharyar

      Yasir– you forgot its about industry,
      not about the consumer.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        right …

        yeah , then its ok … i guess

  • greg

    And if you compared them with the new Helio P10?

    • Explicitfire

      Helio x10 > Helio p10

      • Muhammad Yasir

        lol .. DUH !

  • Explicitfire

    Wait a minute. Those scored are made in Antutu v6? The scores of same device hikes a lot in Antutu v6 than other versions. So have the Snapdragon 650 scores in Antutu v6 were compared with other devices Antutu scores in previous versions? Pardon if I am wrong.

    • Jay Marvin Maglangit

      That is based on the newer ANTUTU version.

  • Wolvie

    Hmmm lucky i never even consider to buy those so called “Premium” but “darn expensive” phones. Yeah i am talking to you APPLE, SAMSUNG, OPPO, Huawei, etc !!! and those brands that selling smartphone at $600 or more

    As you can see if i buy latest Samsung galaxy notes or iphone 6+, easily cost me at least $600 – $1000.

    With this kind of money i can buy brand new Xiaomi Redmi Note every year 4-7 times (Under assumption Xiami still selling their Redmi Note at $125-$150 price range) LOL.

    $600 (1 unit medium range galaxy notes or iphone) = 4 x $150 (4 units Xiaomi Redmi Note)

    $1000 (High end Samsung mobile or apple iphone) = 6 x$150 (6 units Xiaomi Redmi Note) and still got $100 spare money.

    • BotondKisKovacs

      I agree with you but I’d correct that 4-7 times to 3-5 times because I personally would go for the 32Gb/Pro/Snapdragon versions of the Redmi note which always cost $200 – $250 at resellers.
      Not that the cheaper versions would be bad, in fact I still own and use a Redmi Note 4G 8gb model from a year ago that I got for $170 in my country (import taxes, VAT, markup really bloat the price). I know it was relatively expensive but I figured warranty and next day delivery was worth it. Next time I am buying from China though and hopefully the new Redmi Note 3 Pro model from a reseller that can ship without import taxes and VAT.

  • livefromlag

    antutu score is bullshit. 50k x10 vs 35 sd 801 and its work same…sd even faster before multitaksing.

  • Rick

    the 808 does not score 70k – more like 45 – 50k – I got g4 and its shite

    • jodieisme

      got mi4c for months, but never had a hiccup
      both g4 and mi4c sport sd808, so where do the fault lies in..?

      • Wabisabi Ro

        I have a mi-4c and it overheated like crazy in heavy games, for months until they finally managed to partially solve it by modifying the thermal-engine-8994. It still does overheat more than any other serious brand (LG, Motorola etc.) that sports the same specs.

        • jodieisme

          Yeah well, Xiaomi is a joke then..

      • Kay74

        g4 has to deal with a Quad HD display, which has 4 times the pixels of the panel in the mi4c

    • Wabisabi Ro

      The 808 scores around 70k. Mi mi4-c scored 68-69k in antutu 5. LG Nexus 5X scores even better (I assume faster RAM and/or emmc, and maybe better tweaked gpu drivers).

  • Rich

    Tengo un redmi note con helio x 10 y corre muy bien. Dejemos de mirar los puntos y fijarnos en el rendimiento

  • Rich

    Xiaomi is the best company

    Mejor precio y mucha calidad

  • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

    Awesome article! Just what I was looking for. Considering the flagship performance of SD650 in the fact that Xiaomi is using it in their latest Redmi Note 3 Pro makes me so eager to buy the phone.

  • carrot

    The redmi note 3 pro is not a $100 phone as this article mentioned.

    • Kay74

      it’s in the range between 100 and 200$, that’s what I understood

  • Allo

    I am using the Old redmi note3,quite good in speed,but the new note3 has 4G+, more worthy ,like a samsung note5

  • Hutler

    Thanks obama!
    Now I’m stuck with an x10 version of this phone without an sdcard slot.

    Xiaomi BTW please sodomize yourselves with retractable batons.