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Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Specs Leaked: A Snapdragon Powerhouse at $460

by Joe 3

Xiaomi had a busy day today, unveiling a new brand and a bunch of new products like the Mi Router 3 and the Smart Rice Cooker. In fact, if we actually take a look at the past few months, Xiaomi has regularly released/ updated its Redmi and Mi series smartphones. This brings us to the one series which seems to be forgotten at the moment and that’s none other than the Mi Note series.

xiaomi mi note 2

However, a few hours ago, new details about the Mi Note 2 emerged, which reveals the specs as well as pricing of the device. It is said that the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will come in a number of variants in terms of processor, storage and RAM. For example, it is said that the phone will have Snapdragon 820 as well as 823 chip versions, as well as 4GB RAM and 6GB RAM options. In terms of storage, starting at 32GB, the storage option reportedly will go up to 256GB.

mi note 2 specs rumors

To recap, this is not the first time we have heard about the Snapdragon 823 version. Analyst Pan Jiutang had revealed in February that Snapdragon 823 model number MSM8996 Pro should come with an upgraded CPU (higher clock speed?) but the baseband should be the same.

Coming back to the Mi Note 2, the phone is said to come with the same screen size, 5.7-inches with 2K resolution. There’s even the possibility of pressure sensitive display. Other rumored specs include a large 3600mAh battery with support for 18W Quick Charging, 16MP rear camera (Sony IMX 295) with OIS and a 5MP front camera. The phone should be made out of metal.

The source further reveals that the release of Snapdragon 823 will depend on its availability. Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is expected to come with this chip, and it’s possible that the Mi Note also uses this upgraded CPU for better performance.

Finally, coming to the pricing, the phone is said to retail for around 2999 Yuan which comes to $460. That’s not really a bad figure considering all the high-end hardware packed inside.

However, it’s still too early to say anything about the Mi Note 2 for sure, so we will advise you to take this rumor with a pinch of salt. If Xiaomi does intend to update the lineup, expect a release only in the second half of 2016.

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  • Adulle

    All these releases and re-releases will be their downfall. You simple can’t release and maintain this many phones in this short time spectrum. They should have around 3-5 phones each cycle.

    • Shashank

      who said in a short time frame though mi 5 released after 2 years they need more to cover up! and yeah launch depends upon availability

    • balcobomber25


      Mi4 – August 2014
      Mi5 – February 2016

      Mi Note – May 2015
      Mi Note 2 – May (?) 2016

      Mi Pad – June 2014
      Mi Pad 2 – November 2015

      Redmi 2 – January 2015
      Redmi 3 – January 2016

      The only product of theirs which hasn’t followed a 1+ year release cycle was the Redmi Note 2/3 which has 6 months between them. There are alternate versions of a phone released like the Mi4i, Mi4c etc. But that happens with every company.