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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 : New Rumor reveals 256GB ROM, 5.8-inch Display & More

by Jitendra Soni 9

After the success of S7, Samsung will be releasing its next generation large screen device Galaxy Note 6. This will be launched in August 2016 around the launch of its main competitor flagship device Apple iPhone 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6’s configuration were leaked out again on Weibo. While we knew some of the configurations, few of them were heard for the first time. First of all, Note 6 will be powered by a 5.8-inch screen (5.77 inches, to be precise), and the resolution should also be 2K. It will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 processor is an upgraded version of the current processor Snapdragon 820 found in all the current flagships. There are talks about the another version of the Note 6 which will house the latest Exynos processor.

Samsung Galaxy note 6 specs leak

Continuing the trend of latest flagships, like Vivo Xplay5 and LeMax 2, Note 6 will indeed have a 6GB ram. This device will be supported by Samsung’s DRAM production line, hence production capacity and supply should not be any problem.

Going by the leaks, Note 6 will have 256GB internal memory. We are not sure if it will support extendable memory. However, with 256GB already in your device, we don’t think anybody will ever need to extend it further.

Battery life should also not be a problem on galaxy Note 6 as a 4200 mAH battery will power the device and will come with fast charge support. S7’s award-winning IP68 waterproof and dustproof technology will be extended to Note 6 as well, and underwater operation certainly will not be an issue.

samsung galaxy note

In terms of screen, like the S7, Samsung is likely to continue with the same tradition of 2 variants, one with a curved screen, dubbed as the edge, other with a plain surface. But for the exact specifications, we will have to wait till the launch date nears.

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  • Ivo Osborne

    Samsung Note 6 with a snapdragon 823, 6GB,4200mah 5.77 screen size and stylus bring it on. HTC nexus not happening with me.

    • Samuel Odan

      Don’t forget the 256GB ROM

    • Muhammad Yasir

      5000 mAh seems more reasonable with the price tag and note title

  • Rigge

    I may just start saving for the Note 6.. specs alone are tasty! 😛

  • ExynosOcta

    Thats R rated specs lol

  • wolvie

    Samsung high-end smartphone are really good in spec and normally quite durable.

    Problem is samsung always selling their products at a ridiculous premium price (AKA very expensive) *sigh* so i do think it is no hope to buy for average people (at least for me).

    • Muhammad Yasir

      me too

  • we don’t think anybody will ever need to extend it further.

    Don’t be stupid. If I have a 300 GB music collection I want to carry around with me 256 GB won’t work. There are plenty of use cases for very very large local storage.

    That said, I’m really skeptical of the 256 GB internal storage as no 2016 US flagship has gone above 32 GB so far and the Note 5 tops out at 64 GB in the US.

    *IF* the specs are true, the phone would be incredibly expensive. I’d expect $900 to $1000 starting price.

  • perfectspike

    There is a hint that Samsung will be introducing IR focus…does that mean we would be able to use our IR software again, as I did on the Note 4? I sorely miss that feature on my Note 5.