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LeEco Le 2 Review – Beautiful and Fast

by Linus 42

LeEco (formerly known as Letv) may be still considered as a newcomer to the smartphone game but they have released quite a few high-quality smartphones in a short amount of time. LeEco Le 2 is one of their latest offerings  and it indeed looks like a nice phone for a reasonable price. Learn more in our full review.

Thanks to Oppomart for sending LeEco Le 2 for a review.

LeEco Le 2 Review: VIDEO

LeEco Le 2 Review: UNBOXING

img_0330 img_0335

The phone ships with some paperwork, USB C cable, SIM ejector pin, a fast charger and last but not least USB type C to 3.5mm headset jack adapter since the LeEco Le 2 does not have a classic 3.5mm headset jack.

LeEco Le 2 Review: SPECS

5.5″ 1080p (Full-HD)
Mediatek MTK6797 Helio X20, 64-bit, octa-core (up to 2.3GHz)
8MP Front/16MP Back
Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, GPS, WIFI, GSM,EDGE, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, dual-SIM.
3.000 mAh (non-removable)
To be confirmed
eUI  5.6 (Android 6.0)
32GB (not expandable)

LeEco Le 2 Review: DESIGN and DISPLAY



The first impressions once we took the phone out of the box – it is just gorgeous. The phone has an excellent all-metal build quality, nice and tactile buttons and rose gold color looks awesome.

img_0561 img_0637

One of the most interesting aspects of this phone is that it does not have a headset jack. Instead, LeEco assures that this phone is capable of providing even a better audio experience via the USB C port. I have to tell you that the sound quality via the earphones is very good and the volume output is loud.

img_0569 img_0645 img_0641

We have a 5.5″ 1080p display, which is nice, sharp and visible outdoors, nicely backlit capacitive buttons, notification LED and 8MP camera on the front. Design-wise, Le 2 is very similar to the Le 1s, which is also a great looking phone.


The metal material of the phone is very nice to the touch.  We have a 16MP camera, dual tone dual-LED flash for picture taking. The fingerprint scanner works straight from the standby mode, it is fast and accurate.

The IR blaster is here to control devices like TVs. The sound quality from the loudspeaker is pretty good and it can get pretty loud. However, the sound could have slightly more depth.



LeEco Le 2 sports some great internal hardware components. It uses a Mediatek Helio X20 clocked at 2.3GHz, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, which is not expandable.

The gaming performance is good but not perfect. If you play high-demanding games like Asphalt 8 on medium graphics, there will be no skipped frames or lag and the gaming experience is very good.

However, once you set graphics to maximum, you should expect some occasional stutter from time to time. Still, the phone is a pretty good performer considering it’s price and the phone will get only better with future software updates.

Also, the phone gets a little warm pretty quickly but it does not overheat to uncomfortable levels, so you do not need to worry about that.

LeEco Le 2 Review: BENCHMARKS

For some unknown reasons, Antutu 3d bench app could not be installed. We will update this section with Antutu scores soon.


When it comes to the user interface, we have the eUI 5.6, which is built on top of Android 6.0. If you are familiar with the eUI, it hasn’t really changed much. All apps sit on the home screens and we have LeTV services’ quick access button at the center. However, all the content is in Chinese on our Chinese review unit.

What I love about the eUI is that you can quickly access settings toggles, adjust brightness, open or close your recent apps and so on, and you can do that all in one place by simply clicking a left capacitive button.

As usual, we have some customization options, quite a few settings and tweaks to play with.

A few software bugs include duplicated icons for some apps and camera crashing issue once you go into settings menu (only in picture taking mode). I’m pretty sure these issues will be fixed very soon with the upcoming software update.

Another issues include quite a few missed Chinese-English translations. LeEco simply did not really bother translating some menu sections.

Most importantly, the UI is running fast, fluid and I didn’t have a single hiccup no matter how many apps were open in the background.

LeEco Le 2 Review: CAMERA

The 16MP camera can take some great daylight images, which have plenty of detail, natural looking colors and sharpness.

The quality decreases with a lower amount of lighting but the pictures still look pretty good.

The low-light camera performance is mediocre as on all phones in this price range. You may get some okay looking images but they will still have a lot of noise and low amount of detail.

The phone can shoot videos at 4k resolution. However, I could not play 4k videos on my Macbook. This is exactly the same issue I had on the Le 1 (tried 5 different players, downloaded various codec packs etc.) but I will leave download links to the original files below the video.

As for 1080p video, it is not bad but the main issues are that it is a bit shaky and there is no continuous auto-focus feature.


An 8MP selfie shooter is pretty good for some self-portraits.

Download camera samples (Part 1)

Download camera samples (Part 2)



You can be rest assured that there will no connectivity issues (including GPS) on this device. The only shortcoming is that the 5GHz wifi range could be better (compared it with the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge).

LeEco Le 2 Review: BATTERY LIFE


LeEco decided to stick with the 3000mAh battery and I was able to fully charge it in 1h 20 mins with a supplied charger.

As for day-to-day use, I could get around 4.5 hours of screen on time on a light use and around 4 hours on a heavy use of the phone. Not the best result but pretty good for the size of the battery.

LeEco Le 2 Review: CONCLUSIONS


So, here it is, the LeEco Le 2. The phone looks and feels premium due to its all-metal build and it feels great in the hand.

Also, we have a nice, sharp and bright display, very fast user interface with quite a few customization options, good cameras, accurate fingerprint sensor and fast charging feature out of the box.


For some users, the lack of the headset jack is a shortcoming but if you usually use a pair of Bluetooth earphones like me, you don’t really care about it.


Although we like the UI, it has quite a lot of missed translations, which is inexcusable for the company, which aims to become a big player in the international market.

Also, the lack of the microSD card slot may not be a deal breaker but a lot of users really appreciate this cheap storage expansion option.


Other than that, LeEco is a great and high-quality phone. You can get it for around $200 via the third-party resellers and it is definitely one of the better options for the price at the moment.


Beautiful and Fast
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  • Marcus

    Great review. But will you review the Le Max 2 as well?!

  • Muhammad Yasir

    gonna need more phones with similar quality (and a DAMN SD SLOT) in the SAME price bracket !

    • bro-reac

      This one ticks looks but the spec for price booommyammy!!!! 360 N4.

      • Evgenij Nebotov

        20$ less for unknown plastic piece? nope, thanks 🙂

  • Rasmus

    Can you use other lauchers on this phone? I had letv 1 or some model like that and it kept forcing eUI on me all the time.

    • Evgenij Nebotov

      i used nova both on x600 and x500 respectively without any troubles.

  • Skarman

    I don’t find any “Usb-c to jack” adaptater to buy… also would it work for my letv le1?

    I damaged the jack 3.5 output and I would rather just buy one of this adaptater than a new phone :/

  • Tremaine Underwood

    Great and quick review. I am a little concerned that you say it handles Asphalt smoothly only on medium settings. I am sure the X10 reviewed phones ran it on high? Maybe I am wrong? Thats nearly a 3 year old game.

  • AtereJr

    I need all those bugs fixed b4 i can think of getting this.
    Nice value for the money by LeEco. Will love to see more companies following this trend.

  • Steven Fox

    Those dropped frames mean that the chip throttles. Asphalt 8 is playable on High settings without any dropped frames on a SD801 and 650, even the X10 plays it close to perfect.

    • bro-reac

      I thing it needs to be well optimized, probably will be fixed through updates.

  • balcobomber25

    Phone would have been great if only it had a 3.5mm headphone jack. I use my headphones almost everyday with my phone, if I lose or forget that extra cable at home I’m screwed.

    • Viktorious Viktor

      So just leave it connected to your headphones?

      • balcobomber25

        And what happens when I use my headphones with my other devices such as my tablet or laptop? Then what do I do with it? What happens when I lose it in an airport (I travel nearly 150 days a year)? How many airports carry that type of plug?

        • Charlles Costa

          Buy a Bluetooth headset/headphones. You can get a decent one for 30€, for example Sony SBH 20.

          • balcobomber25

            I already have 3 really good set of headphones why should I buy new ones when I don’t need them? Instead I bought a Huawei Honor 8.

          • Charlles Costa

            I bought the Huawei Mate 8 and hate it. The only good thing about it, it is the battery life. No more Huawei for me.

          • balcobomber25

            I am talking about the Honor 8 a different phone, but what did you hate about the Mate 8?

          • Charlles Costa

            Because I need a phone with a good battery life. I had OP3, Sony Xperia Z3+ , Honor 7. All of them had a bad battery life.

          • balcobomber25

            That doesn’t say what you hate about it. I am just curious because most people I know who had a Mate 8 loved it. The only complaint some people had with it was the software. EMUI isn’t for everyone.

          • Charlles Costa

            The Emui is horrible, worse than Touchwiz. The DND ( Do Not Disturb) mode doesn’t work properly, the camera is a hit and miss. Also I have been having a lot of problems with notifications like WhatsApp and Messenger. It’s a great phone but it has those irritating things.

  • GPL

    You should mention that Le 2 lacks of FM radio, probably because FM Radio is free.
    So LeEco Le 2, no thanks.

    • bro-reac

      Save for the looks, it has a lot of shortfalls.

  • Ivo001

    Thanks for the review/ Looks like a great phone. I’m still waiting for camera comparisons between the Le 2 and the Le 2 Pro. I go to a lot of concerts and like to take pictures and videos while there. For that I think I might need some better low light performance.

  • Rizera

    Fantastic phone for the price and great review, Linus!
    Two questions about it, where did you buy your Le 2? Because anywhere I look I see phone is in presale and will only start shipping like June.
    Other question, you will review the Le 2 Pro?

    Best regards.

    • Hi, thanks! I’ve got the Le 2 from I will try to get the Le 2 Pro 🙂

      • Yusuf

        Hi Linus, what do you think about the Le 2 which is coming with a SD652 CPU hopefully at the same price tag? Definitely a must have? I do not like the black borders around the screen, after using the phone did you get used to it? What about the UI, is it buggy? I am hesitating between the Redmi 3 Pro and the Le 2 with SD652.

      • Prince tom

        And the le 2 pro? What happened to it?

  • Enigma

    No memory expansion slot… no 3.5mm audio jack…. no buy.

    I am not even sure now the audio through usb type-c is analog or digital. If it is digital then how it is getting converted to analog inside that cheap usb to 3.5mm adapter?

  • PaulBV

    I am curious about the resistance to a drop test.
    The display fragility was the main drawback of my LeTv x600 🙁 Cracked like porcelain when dropped verically from half a meter 🙁

  • Karly Johnston

    X20 is another battery hog like the X10.

  • clovisaintiano

    The down side is that the software needs optimization, not easy to optimize a tri-cluster core processor, plus leeco has a good record in software optimization

  • Monodings

    THX for the loudspeaker sample in your test video, Linus! 🙂

  • Aeonia

    Any word on when they’ll release the Snapdragon 652 variant of this beautiful device? Hopefully soon as the Helio x20 is a HUGE and immediate deal breaker for me

  • rebirth

    Two questions:
    1.- Would you choose this LeEco 2 (185€) or the “old” LeTV x800 Pro (4Gb+64Gb) (155€) and why??
    2.- Why do you always take a selfie of your left side? hehehe!!

    • Ionut Johnny

      I have the same question

  • Karly Johnston

    The gpu is so crappy it can’t even run the graphics test.

  • Ionut Johnny

    The only downside for me is those huge black bezels.

  • Thibaut

    Hi, nice review, you think the 4GB version is enought to have top performance ?

  • svasta nesto

    gorilla glass?

  • Skarman

    why, but why this color?! and why no other choice!!!!

  • George Stavroulakhs

    Hello Linus. I would like to ask how good is the headphones audio quality of this phone in comparison to LeTV Le 1 X600 model. Thank you 🙂