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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Sold By Some Retailers At High Prices In China!

by Habeeb Onawole 3

Xioami MiBand 2 is the successor to the widely accepted first generation MiBand and Mi Band 1S, and it seems Xiaomi is replicating that success with their new fitness tracker as there is a scarcity that has caused retailers to list it for insanely high prices.

mi band 2 official

The new fitness tracker which has an OLED screen is supposed to sell for 149 Yuan ($22), but the unavailability of retailers to restock has led them listing it for up to 229 Yuan ($35). Taobao and other e-commerce sites have complained about the scarcity which has affected delivery time. Even, which has a strong partnership with Xiaomi started selling the Mi Band 2 at 169 Yuan (around $26), higher than the official price, which surprised many users in China.

Remember how the company had to delay the release of the device due to production issues? It looks like still it’s not being mass-produced to meet the high demand. Hopefully, things will be better soon.

The Xiaomi MiBand 2 has an IP67 water and dust resistance certification, an optical heart rate sensor, and a 70mAh battery.

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  • Rizera

    $29.90 on Oppomart! This is the best price in an international store I could find.

    • Gene

      Yeah, right, when you open the page, it says $36.99

      • Just An Old Regular Guy

        This is the major problem with Xiaomi.
        They just cannot provide enough qty for their customers.
        No need to say about oversea customers LOL.

        And they still dare to say they want to beat samsung, huawei ,Oppo, etc ?
        At least those big brands never got problem with stock and their worldwide distribution are steady.

        Maybe that’s why they can sell more compare to xiaomi.
        What’s the use of cheap stuffs if you cannot get it ?

        Once buyers buy other brand and they like it, it is just too late for xiaomi to take back those customer attention. I am talking about those people that already convenience using certain brands that they refuse to change brand. I got many friends that refuse to change from Iphone or samsung galaxy note because they already used to its feature that die die they keep changing with same brands.