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Qualcomm Wants 520 Million Yuan from Meizu for Patent Infringement

by Habeeb Onawole 4

meizu m3 note

Last week Qualcomm filed a complaint at the Intellectual Property Court in Beijing against Meizu for patent infringement. There was no mention of the amount Qualcomm was seeking in damages but news reaching us today says Qualcomm wants 520 million Yuan in damages. Even though Meizu doesn’t use Qualcomm chipsets, the American company says Meizu has found a way to make use of some of their patents without seeking for permission or paying royalties.

meizu press statement


Meizu has released an official statement saying that the company has always attached importance to the protection of intellectual property and has never refused to pay for legal patents. The statement also says that the company has had multiple talks with Qualcomm and are disappointed that Qualcomm has taken them to court. Meizu says it will hold a press conference on Tuesday, 28th of June regarding the lawsuit.

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  • princetom

    Qualcomm resorting to petty styles. Is Qualcomm trying to throw a punch at Mediatek? Hmnnn.
    This isn’t right. This will only make mediatek better and stronger next year and am sure they will expand substantially with helio x30 next year. Welcome Qualcomm to competition

    • Adam Irvine

      The way you’ve worded that is as if Qualcomm are struggling… They’ve just made a fantastic SOC (820) and with the 821 and 823 just round the corner, they’re pretty much class leading right now…

      You’ve pitched it across as if they’re at the bottom of the heap and need all the money they can get! Because to me, it really doesn’t look like there’s an awful lot of competition for them even on their Mid range (SD650 / SD652) game…

      • princetom

        Lol. U gay me totally wrong. Qualcomm is too big to resort to something like this. Even meizu is guilty, they said they are dissapointed that Qualcomm decided to take them to court, thatsthat after having several talk with them. Yes, Qualcomm doing fine but things like this (court) never favours anyone, settlement out of court is d way.

      • Mateusz Hankiewicz

        Yes it’s making top performance SoCs but… It have security problems – in last 3 or 4 months I read about 2 or 3 security gaps with Snapdragon SoCs and that IS a problem which can couse change in balance in favor of MediaTek and Samsung in next year.