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Analyst: Xiaomi’s Mi 5s and Mi Note 2 to Cost More

by Habeeb Onawole 6

An industry analyst, Pan Jiutang has said the Mi 5s and Mi Note 2 will follow the trend of the newly released Redmi Pro and have higher prices than their predecessors.

Mi5S price analyst

The Redmi series is known for its low price tag but that has changed with the release of the Redmi Pro which has a starting price of 1499 Yuan ($224) and goes up to 1999 Yuan ($299), setting the record for the most expensive Redmi phone. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise since the Redmi Pro is sporting a number of new features the company hasn’t put on a phone before, such as  the use of dual rear cameras and an OLED display.

redmi pro official

The Mi 5s is reported to also launch with dual cameras. It will have a glass body, an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, and an advanced pressure sensitive display. The Mi Note 2 on the other hand will feature a snapdragon 821 SoC and an advanced pressure sensitive 2K display as well but with a curved edge. These new features will definitely see them having higher price tags but which are still competitive enough for them to give the competition a run for their money.

xiaomi mi note 2

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The Mi 5s and Mi Note 2 are expected to launch next month before the release of the iPhone 7s (sevens) in September.

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  • AdamV

    LTE Band 20 please or I am not interested in Xiaomi.

    • Beloved Chairman Lei Jun

      There will be no band20, why everyone needs it? Ive been to Germany, UK and Switzerland and never had an issue.

      • Jerem

        Because we are scared 🙂 Many people tells to not buy phone without B20. So people don’t !
        But give us a great Note 2 and I’ll be happy to try it in France 🙂

        • Zoltan Doczi

          No, B20 is important in EU when you go out of the urban area, check my comment above.

      • Zoltan Doczi

        To get a better understanding on LTE B20 in EU, first it’s important to note it’s on 800 MHz band. This is one of the lowest LTE freq, having nice penetration properties on the non-urban areas. Users (for example here in Hungary) can get really poor 4G reception in non-urban areas if B20 is missing from the phone. Mobile operators like the B20 800 MHz band as they need fewer base station -> less expensive technology for them.

        You probably had no issue from lack of B20 on a Xiaomi phone in EU because you were in the urban area, where the higher frequency bands preferred due to higher population density and other reasons.

        Also there are problems from the lack of B20 band in some places of the urban areas as well.

  • Karly Johnston

    I had fun with my Mi4c but being stuck on 3G is the end of my Xiaomi journey. With the Z2 Pro I get 4G in N. America and Europe.