Invite for Meizu’s August 10 Event Leaked. Could It Be for A New Watch?

by Habeeb Onawole 1

Just a few weeks after Meizu’s MX6 launch event, there seems to be another one in the horizon. Today, a Weibo account @mz posted images of a Meizu invite for an August 10 event.

meizu invite 2

The envelope which has an E printed on the front has people guessing what Meizu plans to launch. One group says it is probably for Meizu’s smartwatch whose box was posted on Weibo by a photographer recently. Another group says it is probably a new phone. But there is an agreement that the signifies a new product launch.

meizu invite

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Meizu seems to have released new versions for all their smartphone series already. There’s the new M3 series, the Pro 6 and the recently launched MX6, so a new phone series is a surprise to us.

Meizu smartwatch

If it is indeed a Meizu watch, we guess that means they are trying to beat Xiaomi into releasing a watch first. August 10 is still over a week away, we should get more details before then.