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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Causing Wrist burns?

by Jed John 14

Xiaomi announced the Mi Band 2 in June this year and since then, the Mi Band 2 has been in hot demand, occasionally running out of stock over and again. Xiaomi even had to increase production but that still wasn’t enough to meet demand for the sleek wrist band.

mi band 2

Despite the success of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, there are reports that the wrist band causes burns to the wrist.  A Weibo user took to the social media platform to allege that use of the Mi Band 2 caused her wrist burns. The user alleged that she has had the burns more than once and after it occurred the second time she contacted Xiaomi’s after-sales desk to lay her complaints. According to the lady, staffs there examined the device and found nothing wrong with it. But she insists her wrist burns were caused by the Mi Band 2.

Xiaomi Mi Band

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Close-up shots of the lady’s wrists reveal quite serious burns on her wrist. The burn marks seem to trace the shape of the Mi band display and could have resulted from excessive friction on the wrist by the wearable. The excessive friction may be the result of tightly fitted usage, but then some form of investigation is best to unravel the actual cause of the wrist burns. Xiaomi is yet to issue a statement about this incident which could adversely affect the Mi band 2’s sale.

While this report is definitely something to be investigated upon, don’t panic if you have bought the new wearable. These cases are extremely rare (in fact it’s first time for a Xiaomi wearable), and we are not even sure whether the burns were caused as a direct result of a malfunctioning / overheating Mi Band 2.

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  • Bender

    Stay tuned!

  • Sakib Mahmud

    This is pure bull! It can be clearly determined there’s a ‘burn’ trend now on Weibo against Xiaomi. The culprit behind all this is surely their competitor, since many Corporate Gods are Butthurt due to success of Xiaomi.

    • Muhammad Yasir


    • Karly Johnston

      Like the Indians are faking exploding batteries?

      • Sakib Mahmud

        Are you dumb? Wth are you saying? Indians are buying Xiaomi like hot cakes, thousands of their devices gets sold in seconds. Xiaomi took Indias smartphone market share within a very few years.
        No wonder some idiots are butthurt.

      • Shashank

        That was a real case okay! Xiaomi admitted and given the owner spare mobile and now they are investigating it!

        • Karly Johnston

          Then the Mi5 exploded two days later. Now watches are burning arms. If they can’t bring Marshmallow to the Mi4c I have no use for them.

          • Sakib Mahmud

            You’re talking like stupid. One case of watch, which seems like propaganda, you’re already labeling as ‘watches’ ? So one watch is watches? Lmfao. And who cares about Mi4c, try to find any other Oem who gives you that much hardware spec at that cheap price. You’re even lucky it’s getting Miui 8 which is latest rom of Xiaomi. Any other Oem would not give any shit about it.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    ok , either xiaomi are becoming less and less in quality or this is some strange propaganda against Xiaomi !

  • Wolvie

    Looks very suspicious sabotage by competitors try to tarnish Xiaomi good names, first Mi4i reported got burned and now this.

    I mean how remotely possible that 2 totally different devices (but same brand) suddenly got burned at almost the same time frame ???

    • Shashank

      both lies in different country mi4i in India and Mi band 2 in China

      • Sakib Mahmud

        That’s how propaganda works you idiot.

        • Shashank

          You think its Propaganda? you look like a Broken egg to me!

          • Sakib Mahmud

            You’re dumb as a cow, no point explaining anything to you. If you had any sort of some common sense or a little bit intelligent, there would be a point talking to you. But you don’t have any.