Samsung Galaxy Note 7 China Edition listed on TENAA, sports 6GB RAM

by Jed John 1

Samsung formally unveiled the Galaxy Note 7 is an action packed ceremony on August 2, thus effectively putting to rest the avalanche of rumors surrounding the device. But the rumor mills never go to rest, especially on this sleek gadget as there are news about a 6GB RAM of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the works somewhere.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Galaxy Note 7 was released with a 4GB RAM as the custom RAM size on all variants of the device but the Note 7 had earlier been rumored to have seen an upgrade from 4GB RAM to 6GB RAM. However the launch of the device was thought to have put to rest that rumor.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Now, facts have emerged from a recent filing on TENAA that there is actyually a 6GB RAM in the works. The filling revealed what could be a top-end version of the Chinese edition of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 packing a 6GB RAM pairing up with a monstrous 128GB of built-in storage.

The TENAA listing was made public on August 4, with model number SM-N9300, and corresponds with a GeekBench posting about a device with similar model number, both showing the Galaxy Note 7 (SM-N9300) llistedas a 6GB RAM packing version.

Ordinarily, we had wondered the need for a 6GB RAM on the Galaxy Note 7 from the technical point of view, considering that apps are getting smaller in size, Android is also getting slimmer and running too many background apps would only drain the battery faster. But then, we are talking about China where a lot of mobile phone manufacturers have ventured into production of flagships with 6GB RAM in order to outwit competitors. The OnePlus 3 is the latest with such feature and it won’t be a bad idea if Samsung offers a 6GB RAM version on the Note 7 at least to ensure it doesn’t lose a few customers to the extremely strong competition in the country.

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